Sports Complex Authority


To oversee the maintenance and operation of the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex Authority, in a fiscally responsible manner which will allow it to maintain its stature as a premier sports facility in the nation. Administer funds received from the State of Missouri, Jackson County and the city of Kansas City, or any other sources which are to be used for the furtherance of its statutory duties. Study location, feasibility and design of sports recreational facilities. Acquire, construct, operate, maintain and lease to other sports stadiums, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, parking facilities and suitable concessions.


  • The Missouri Governor appoints this 5-member commission.
  • Commissioners must be qualified voters in Missouri and residents of Jackson County.
  • County Legislators submitted a panel of 3 names to the Governor who selects a commissioner with advice and consent of the Senate.
  • No more than 3 commissioners can be from 1 political party.
  • No commissioner can be an elected or appointed official of any political subdivision of Missouri.
Member Term Expires
Shawn G. Foster July 15, 2025
Deron Cherry 
July 15, 2021
Garry Kemp 
July 15, 2022
Madison Scott July 15, 2024
Rev. John Modest Miles
July 15, 2023