Public Building Corporation


To provide for the acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, repair, remodeling, renovation and financing of public sites, buildings, facilities, furnishings and equipment for the use of Jackson County.


  • There are 5 Board of Directors of the corporation.
  • Pursuant to Article III section 6(c), the corporation is composed of the County Executive, Chief Administration Officer, 1 Legislator appointed by the County Executive and tow other County Executive appointees.
  • Each director must be a citizen of the United States and a resident of Jackson County.
  • Each new director who does not hold office must be appointed from County residents who are not elected officials, officers or employees of the County.
Member Position
Jack C. Cardwell
Frank White, Jr. Jackson County Executive
Dennis R. Waits
Jackson County Legislator 3rd District
Molly Korth Williams