Jabbar Wesley (District 4)

Commissioner Jabbar Wesley
Jabbar Wesley is the Founder of the Novel City Chamber of Innovation a DBA of United Races of America which is a community economic development organization focused on maximizing the value of unified diversity through community events, education resource development services and business incubation and consulting. Jabbar is also the founder/organizer of the Novel Day Innovation Showcase which is an innovative event that brings together Quaternary sector experts, large corporations such as Google and Cerner as well as mid-size and startup businesses and innovators who participate in a fast-paced event format to showcase expertise and the latest and greatest innovations.

Economic Development Background
Jabbar's corporate background is rooted in the natural gas industry holding a position as the Economic Development and Residential Representative with Missouri Gas Energy. Jabbar has been a major part in developing and maintaining effective working relationships with 155 cities as well as local, county, state and federal economic development organizations, architects and real-estate developers. Jabbar also plays an important role in major business attraction projects for large commercial, industrial and residential projects that require $500,000-$1.5 billion in capital investment.

Jabbar holds a degree in Economics from the University of Missouri's College of Arts and Sciences in Kansas City and has studied Leading Innovation and Change at Robert Kennedy College, Zurich, Switzerland.
Jabbar Wesley