Rosemary Lowe (District 2)

Commissioner Rosemary Lowe
Mrs. Rosemary Lowe, is a community and neighborhood activist who is known as tireless advocate. Known for speaking her mind, "Mother Lowe" as she is affectionately called, is respected by law enforcement, dignitaries', politicians and the community at large. Lowe has been able to present comprehensive strategic plans, which have resulted in drug dealers voluntarily cutting weeds and picking up trash in their community. These same well thought out plans have enabled police officers and neighborhood residents in developing safe, economically sound, viable communities.

A native of Arkansas, Lowe has numerous awards from various organizations, which stands as a testimony to her commitment to her Kansas City. At an age when most people want to sit and talk about the good ol' days, Lowe's indefatigable spirit makes her talk about the future, and when she talks-people listen.
Rosemary Lowe