Domestic Violence Shelters

Members District
Term Expires
Jennifer J. von Fintel 1 Sept. 30, 2020
Melba Curls
Sept. 30, 2019
Tonya Hampton 3 Sept. 30, 2021
Teresa Chu 4 Sept. 30, 2021
Martha Lofgreen
6 Sept. 30, 2020


The purpose of the five-member board of the Domestic Violence Shelters is to administer the fees collected pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 87 of the Jackson County Code and Section 488.445 of the Missouri Revised Statues.


  • The County Executive appoints this 5-member board. No more than 1 member from any County Legislative District may serve at 1 time.
  • Members must be Jackson County residents and hold no other County office.
  • At least 2 members must possess substantial experience in working in domestic violence shelters, but may not be an officer, director or employee of any shelters for victims of domestic violence.