Completing the Process

After the Ceremony
Once the marriage ceremony is completed the minister or judge will sign and return the Marriage License to the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds Department within 15 days of the ceremony. The License will be retained by the Department for record preservation. Once returned “Certified Copies” or “Copies” of the license can then be obtained (see below).

Although the License is preserved by the Department, the minister or judge will provide the couple with a completed “Marriage Certificate.” Though “unofficial” for legal purposes, the Certificate does serve as a memorable “keepsake” that can be retained by the couple for their wedding records, wedding album, etc.

Please Note
Once a Marriage License is issued to a couple, the marriage ceremony must be held within the State of Missouri within 30 days of issuance. If not performed within 30 days the couple will need to return the unused license and/or apply for a new license, pay new license fees, etc.