Emergency Alerts

Emergency Alert Service
Tornadoes... Floods... Blizzards... All are very real threats in our area. Sounding the alarm during an emergency situation, such as severe weather, is essential. Therefore, the Jackson County Emergency Preparedness Department has launched a new information service to help alert you about a potential emergency in a timely fashion using the latest technology.

This service, provided by Nixle, LLC, delivers crucial notifications - via the web, email or text message - about the area where you live.

Nixle is simple to sign up for, secure and available at no cost to Jackson County or those registering to receive alerts. Be alerted to public safety threats. Register now. Receive alerts that can hopefully keep you out of harm's way during an emergency situation.

Using the System
Jackson County Emergency Preparedness will only send messages related to situations that may pose a threat to public safety.

"Our hope is we'll have to send very few messages through this service," said Mike Curry, the county's Emergency Preparedness Director. "When we do use the service, it'll be because there is a very real situation that merits sending an alert. We encourage all citizens to sign up, so that they will be notified when there's an emergency."

Nixle is a community information service provider established to provide secure and reliable real-time communications from municipal agencies such as local police departments and emergency preparedness offices.
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