Employee Emergency Call-In

Remember to call in before you drive in. A phone line has been established as the Employee Emergency Call-In number in the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, 816-881-1551.

How to Know in an Event of Emergency
A recording on the line will indicate whether or not, in the event of a weather related or other emergency, the County Executive has decided to close county operations for all non-essential personnel. Department directors are responsible for determining essential personnel who are required to report to work. Standing departmental guidelines should outline this policy. If you have further questions about your requirement to report to work, contact your supervisor or department director.

Other steps that will be taken in the event that non-essential county operations close include:
  • Posting a notice here on the County website.
  • Contacting major media outlets with the closure information, so that it can be publicized on TV and radio.
Refer to Jackson County Personnel Rules (PDF) Section 9.22 for further details.