Regional Correctional Center

The Jackson County-operated Regional Correctional Center (RCC) began accepting detainees from the Kansas City Police Department and City Municipal Court on Friday, July 31, 2009.

The RCC facility is adjacent to the Jackson County Detention Center (1300 Cherry Street). The 2 buildings are connected via a secure underground walkway.
Community Justice Building
Inmate Population
Kansas City municipal detainees are processed on the first floor of the Jackson County Detention Center in an area dedicated for municipal detainees and are housed separately in the RCC.

In addition to be segregated from the Jackson County Detention Center population, RCC inmates wear green and khaki uniforms. Detention Center inmates wear orange.

Recreation for both inmate populations is held on the eighth floor of the Detention Center, but is be scheduled at separate times. The County Detention Center will provide meals from a central kitchen and laundry for the RCC.

Building Renovations
The RCC is located within Jackson County’s Community Justice Building, which underwent renovations during an aggressive construction project lasting fewer than 3 months.
  • The first floor of the facility includes a general public/visitation entrance, as well as a staffed visitation area of 2,000 square feet.
  • The third floor can hold 106 male inmates in 2 separated pods and is 9,370 square feet.
  • The fourth floor can hold 48 female inmates and is 4,835 square feet.
  • The fifth floor includes space for inmate programs and inmate service providers and is 4,414 square feet.
The square footage numbers represent all spaces (excluding elevators) being utilized on each floor for the RCC, including offices, bathrooms, closets, stairs, mechanical rooms and hallways.

Each floor of the RCC is under direct 24-hour supervision and includes an area for medical treatment.

Bridges Project
The Bridges Project is among the inmate programs on the fifth floor. Funded through a grant from the Health Care Foundation, the Bridges Project assists inmates in the transition from the RCC to live back in the community.

The County Department of Corrections has hired nearly 60 individuals for the RCC and is staffing the new facility with seasoned corrections officers and supervisory staff.

Transportation from the RCC to the Police Department, City Municipal Court and other locations is the responsibility of Kansas City.