Commissary Orders

Jackson County Detention Center inmates can place orders through the Center's commissary twice a week. Money must be in the inmates account before an order is placed.

Policy Change Effective January 1, 2019
Inmates, family and friends have the opportunity to order from the commissary one time per week. Inmates are allowed to order a maximum of $60.00 in food items and $60.00 in non-food items for both on site inmate and off site family/friend purchases.


The Department is unable to accept money at the main window of the Detention Center. Those wishing to give inmates money for their accounts can do so one of four ways.

Funds can be posted to an inmate's account online at:
Securepak (family packages) at or Access Corrections (trust fund deposits) at

Funds can be deposit by phone at 1-866-345-1884.

Cash or credit cards are accepted at the kiosk located in the visitation lobby of the Detention. Kiosk deposits for the commissary are immediately posted to an inmate's account.

Those wishing to give inmates money for their accounts can also do so by sending Postal Money Orders or Government Checks through the U.S. Mail. No cash, payroll checks or personal checks will be accepted. Money is posted to the inmate's account the day it is received.