Getting A Personalized Report

Step 1
Go to this page and begin your search. You can search via "Property Account (Parcel) Number," "Owner Name" or "Property Address."
Step By Step Guide Screen One
Step 2
In this example, we are using the "Property Address Search" option. Depending on which option you use, follow the instructions regarding the use of asterisks (*) closely. Do not use periods such as "415 E. 12th St." if using the "Property Address Search." Instead use "415 E 12th Street."

When you've entered the correct information for whichever search option you utilize, click the "Submit" button for a listing of Parcel Numbers associated with that search.
Step By Step Guide Screen Two
Step 3
After clicking "Submit" you will receive a "Results Message" with a listing of the Parcel Numbers.

Click on any of these numbers.
Step By Step Guide Screen Three
Step 4
You will receive a "Property Account Summary."

In the upper right hand corner will be a "Where are my tax dollars going?" link. Click on that link to see how your tax dollar is being divided.
Step By Step Guide Screen Four
Step 5
You see a dollar bill broken down based on a how each of your tax dollars is dispersed.

In this example, 68 cents was dispersed to the Lee's Summit R-7 School District. The cents per dollar, rounded to the nearest penny, represent the percentage of your overall property tax amount (i.e. 68 percents translates to $680 of $1,000).
Step By Step Guide Screen Five