Tax Bills are being delivered

Property Taxes


Jackson County property tax bills have been generated and are expected to be sent out between now and Thanksgiving. All payments are due by December 31, 2020.

According to Director of Collections Whitney Miller, personal property tax bills are generally sent out first, followed by real property tax bills.

“We encourage everyone to pay online,” Miller said.

Online payments are accepted until 11:00 p.m., December 31, and can be made by going to the website,, or downloading the MyJacksonCounty app (PayIt).

Taxpayers can login or check out as a guest. “The benefit to logging in is that your property accounts attach to your profile, so you don’t have to search for them each year because they are automatically saved. Also, you will always have access to your receipts,” she said.

Taxpayers can also pay by mailing in a check and/or dropping of a check in the county’s exterior drop boxes located at each courthouse. Payments will be removed at midnight on December 31. Due to risks associated with COVID19, taxpayers are discouraged from paying in person unless absolutely necessary. Receipts will be mailed for taxpayers who pay via mail or dropbox and will be available online as soon as the payment is entered.

Due to staffing shortages, taxpayers should anticipate longer wait times when doing business with the County in person. 

For taxpayers who do need to address their taxes in person, Jackson County will soon be utilizing QLess to manage taxpayer lines and wait time. Taxpayers will join lines remotely and then will be asked to wait outside of the building. Those waiting will receive text notifications when it is time for them to enter the building to receive service.

“This will help us maintain crowd sizes that are safe for taxpayers and Jackson County associates,” Miller said.

Starting November 23, taxpayers can utilize several options to join the line:

  • SMS Text Messaging: Text from their phone to be placed in line remotely.
  • QLess App (Available on Android or iPhone): Download the QLess app, then search the available list for Jackson County, Missouri. Follow the prompts to join the queue of your choice. An estimated wait time will then be sent via text message. Once summoned, taxpayers can enter the building and proceed to an assessor or collector.
  • Home Kiosk: Join the line by visiting and following the prompts to join the correct queue. 
  • Office Kiosk: For those who are unable to check in remotely, there will be a staff member at the entrance of each courthouse to check in taxpayers. Those taxpayers will then be asked to wait outside of the building until such time that they are notified via text message that they are near the front of the line. Limited waiting area will be available for taxpayers without access to a cellphone or a place to wait during inclement weather.

Taxpayers needing to make changes to their accounts prior to paying their taxes are encouraged to do so via email, rather than coming in person. That can be done by contacting the County at the email addresses below.

Questions or changes related to:

“We have experienced difficult times this year, but these challenges have presented opportunities to improve our taxpayer experience in new and exciting ways,” Miller said. “The addition of PayIt and Qless allows Jackson County to serve taxpayers in ways we previously couldn’t and helps us to ensure an experience that is safe for taxpayers and associates. We hope these changes will encourage taxpayers to interact with the County online when possible and will keep taxpayers and associates safe when meeting in person is required.”