Face Covering Requirement

Jackson County Mask Requirements Effective July 1, 2020

As of July 1, face coverings MUST be worn at all times in public when an individual cannot ensure they will be able to maintain a 6-foot distance from others. Masks must be worn at all times inside, and can only be taken off outdoors if social distancing is maintained. 

Recovery Plan Phase 2.5 Updated October 15, 2020

Jackson County Executive Health Order Updated October 2, 2020

According to the Recovery Plan Phase 2.5, all persons older than 2 years old should wear a mask. Please see details outlined in the County order below.

When in a public indoor space (including a workplace, business, school, place of worship, or public facility such as a community center or library) individuals are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth.

  • Masks should be positioned carefully over the mouth and nose and should not be touched or readjusted until such time as the mask is removed.
  • Hand hygiene is encouraged before taking masks off and prior to re-masking.
  • Masks are not required inside a solitary, enclosed workspace such as an office.
  • Masks may be removed in restaurants and bars when individuals are actively eating or drinking but must be worn at all times otherwise.

Businesses are held liable for the monitoring of each individual in the business.

  • Stores must ask every single person if there is a medical reason they are not wearing a mask; however they may not ask for proof or details.
  • Any business can refuse entry to someone not wearing a mask, as long as they can make reasonable accommodations (i.e. curbside, etc.)
  • A business can allow people into the store if they have a medical reason that they can’t wear masks and do not have otherwise accommodations.

When in a public outdoor space or when using public transportation, taxis or ride-sharing services individuals are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth. 

  • Including all outdoor public gathering places such as bus stops, parks, playgrounds, farmers markets, and restaurant/bar patio seating. 
  • Masks are not required when individuals are driving alone or with others they live with, when individuals are exercising alone or with others they live with, or when individuals can absolutely guarantee that they will be able to maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing from all others.
  • Individuals who are engaged in high intensity activities, like running, may not be able to wear a cloth face covering if it causes difficulty breathing. If unable to wear a cloth face covering, consider conducting the activity in a location with greater ventilation and air exchange (for instance, outdoors versus indoors) and where it is possible to maintain physical distance from others.

How to wear a face covering: CDC guidance.