Associate of the Month: April 2019


Sitting on a folding chair with a laptop on her knees, Melanie Slaughter somehow maintained her calm and professional attitude as she helped her office transition to temporary space due to flooding at the Courthouse.

The Public Administrator’s Office is one of the few departments still displaced from the courthouse in Kansas City after flooding caused by a broken pipe.

Melanie started as a receptionist in the Public Administrator’s Office in 2011 and has been continuously promoted due to her skills and work ethic. Today, she serves as Senior Paralegal. She consistently strives to improve her own work and increase the overall productivity of the office.

Not only does Melanie train and supervise two other paralegals but jumps in where she is needed with the legal team, bookkeeping and administration. She has also been invaluable over the past several years in helping implement a new database system. She was part of a team that worked long hours to tailor the system to office needs.

Public Administrator John Killian said, “Mel has been one of our star players for a lot of years now. She is the person that I have seen over the last three years who has taken on all the big projects and has always gone that extra effort. All while doing a huge volume of day to day work so, Mel thank you so much for all that you do.”

Melanie’s specialized skills include helping attorneys with complex drafting of legal issues and case management. She also extends her professionalism to be a great liaison with the court clerks and judicial officers and the public.

She continues to be the first to volunteer to help with office projects no matter how difficult. She also serves as a leader in the local paralegal professional group while representing our office in a positive way.

MelanieSlaughterCounty Executive Frank White, Jr., Melanie Slaughter and Public Administrator John Killian.