2018 Associate of the Year

assoc_year_scotthatcherChair of the Legislature Theresa Galvin, Associate of the Year Scott Hatcher, County Executive Frank White, Jr.


Scott Hatcher was named 2018 Associate of the Year Wednesday during the annual Associate of the Month luncheon. Scott was the November Associate of the Month for his quick thinking in helping to save the life of an injured hunter.

During a blizzard in November Scott heard a knock on his door. When he opened the door, he found a man lying at his doorstep in distress. He had been hunting on land nearby and had stepped in a hole covered by snow. The man was soaking wet and nearly hypothermic.

Scott immediately removed the man’s wet outer layer of clothing, gave him water to rehydrate and blankets to warm him up. The hunter shared that he had crawled nearly 400 yards through the woods to get to Scott's door and asked that he call the man's son to pick him up.

He said he has talked to the man and his son several times since the incident and that he had surgery and is doing well. “I’m just glad I was home, because he wouldn’t have made it much further,” Scott said.

According to John Johnson, Superintendent of Parks Operations, “Scott's quick action helped the man receive needed medical attention and Scott's immediate care helped save the hunter from suffering serious cold-related injuries.”

During the event Legislative Chair Theresa Galvin told the monthly award winners, “It is what you do every day that makes my job as a legislator so much easier. Reading all of your stories and it is quite impressive we are lucky to have you. There are so many people that deserve to be named Associate of the Year. Thank you all for everything that you do every day.”

While presenting the award County Executive Frank White, Jr., said, “We have associates who go the extra mile to do things that benefit each other, benefit their departments and benefit the county. We all are called public servants because we serve the people and that really goes a long way. It is always a difficult decision when you have to pick one person when they have all done such extra ordinary things throughout the year.”