Theresa Galvin selected as Legislative Chair



Legislator Theresa Galvin is starting out her second term serving Jackson County’s 6th District as the Legislative Chair.

Galvin is the first republican woman to serve as chair of the Jackson County Legislature, “Which is kind of cool,” she said.

There are a few things she said she will be watching this year. One is funds from the reversal of the voluntary reductions of property tax rates.

“I want to keep my eye on how that money is spent. During those talks one of the things that I was promised was that the lower grade associates would receive a 5-10 percent increase and I want to make sure that agreement is upheld,” she said.

Another is to send healthcare coverage out to bid again. It has been three years since it was put out to bid and Galvin said it made a substantial difference in county associates’ paychecks.

Galvin would also like to work closer with the county administration. “Before I decided that I would do this, I talked with the county executive and his chief of staff and said that I wanted to get rid of that invisible line that is on the second floor between the east side and the west side. I want us to work together and I’m going to do everything that I can. I don’t want any more secrets or back stabbing. We can start doing what we are supposed to be doing which is doing what is best for the people of the county.”

She used to own her own construction company, but closed that business so she could focus on her work for the county 100 percent.

“The constituents are my bosses. I don’t look at this as a job. I really love it,” Galvin said. “I sent out a newsletter and I got an email back from somebody saying thank you we are so lucky to have you. I feel so blessed that I am able to do this and I didn’t realize when I won in 2014 that I was going to love it as much as I do. I have been asked to go and do other roles but I think that if I were to go to Jeff City or someplace else I wouldn’t be in touch with what is going on here. This is what I like.”

 Dan Tarwater III will be serving as Vice-Chairman. He is in his seventh term serving as legislator for the 4th District.

Tarwater_GalvinVice-Chairman Dan Tarwater III with Chairwoman Theresa Galvin.

groupJackson County Legislature: Seated, Jeanie Lauer, Crystal Williams, Theresa Galvin, Dan Tarwater. Standing, Charlie Franklin, Tony Miller, Scott Burnett, Jalen Anderson and Ron Finley.