County Officials Sworn In


Jackson County welcomed three new legislators as they were sworn in during a ceremony Friday in the Legislative Chambers of the courthouse in Kansas City.

Jalen Anderson will serve 1st District At-Large, Ron Finley 2nd District and Charlie Franklin 3rd District.  A fourth new legislator, Jeanie Lauer, was sworn in January 2, after her term as State Representative expired January 1st. Lauer represents the 5th District.

Four returning legislators were also sworn in; Dan Tarwater is returning to serve his seventh term for the 4th District, Scott Burnett will be serving his sixth term for the 1st District, Crystal Williams is serving her third term in the 2nd District At-Large seat and Theresa Galvin is serving her second term for the 6th District.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Tony Miller was sworn in December 8 in a separate ceremony. He is in his second term as Legislator for 3rd District At-Large.

Mary Jo Spino, Clerk of the County Legislature, conducted the ceremony swearing in seven of the nine legislators along with Sheriff Darryl Forté.

Frank White, Jr., will be sworn in December 31 for his second term as County Executive.