Jackson County Graduates Training Academy Class



The Jackson County Department of Corrections welcomed 11 new academy graduates to its team during a ceremony for the 127th Corrections Academy, December 14.

“This is a monumental achievement and it is just the beginning,” said department director Diana Turner. “You have a tremendous journey ahead of you.”

She told them their future is bright and that they will only be limited by their own expectations and the demands they put on themselves.

“You don’t have to be alone we are going to have your back and support you. We are going to make opportunities for you,” she said. “It’s an honor to be your leader and to be among all of these people here supporting you today. We have a fantastic team and the future is bright.”

Sheriff Darryl Forte’ told the class that he was impressed as he watched them walk from the jail over to the courthouse. “You’re sharp, you have positive attitude and command presence. So keep that, no matter what happens and watch out for one another as you go through the journey because there are going to be some times when it is difficult.”

Forte’ expressed to family and friends attending the graduation how the officers will need their support. “They are going to be working long hours some times. They are going to be sad sometimes when they come home. They are not going to be happy about everything.”

The sheriff also said he would like to see officers establish a peer support group to help each other. “If you see someone is going through something, reach out and say hey, what can I do to help you? We have the same issues as everyone else. You all know each other better than anyone else, take care of one another.”

“You are the cream of the crop. You are here for a reason and we know you can do the job. So don’t give up and watch out for one another. If you get nothing else from this today watch out for one another,” he said.

County Executive, Frank White, Jr., welcomed the graduates to the Jackson County team. “Being part of a team brings about teamwork, it brings about communication. We have to know each other like a book and we have to trust that everybody knows what they are doing so we can focus on what we are doing.”

“People to me are the most valuable asset we will ever have,” he said. “I really believe that you guys are all special. You’ve always been special to me. I think you are special because you do a job that is very special and you do a job that really helps with community safety. Always think of yourselves as special, and always support each other, always learn from each other. If you find someone with a little more experience, pick their brain, learn what they know and things are going to be great for you.”

“We are all a team,” White concluded. “We are all Jackson County. As long as we think Jackson County and work together to make things better, then we will be in fine shape going forward.”