Associate of the Month: October 2018



“Did I really just see that?”

That is the thought Jackson County Corrections Officer Lavonte Hickman had as he was passing the Detention Center and noticed something out of the ordinary.

Hickman was driving to the center at 11:00 one night to pick up his brother, who is also a corrections officer, when he saw something out of place. He quickly pulled over and ran inside to alert a supervisor of his discovery.

Due to Hickman’s prompt reaction, detention guards were able to quickly respond and stop the possibility of contraband entering the facility.

Lieutenant Kiva Hill applauded his diligence. “That could have turned into something catastrophic if they had been successful with whatever they were trying to get in. The fact that he stopped, came in and made sure that somebody knew about it. Not only did he make sure somebody knew, he came back and worked with them to find out where it was coming from and stop it,” she said.

Hickman has worked for the Department of Corrections for more than two years after serving in the United States Navy. He has often been praised for being a diligent and attentive security professional.

aom_hickman1County Executive Frank White, Jr., presents Corrections Office Lavonte Hickman with Associate of the Month.