Road Crews prepare for winter weather




With snow in the forecast the Jackson County Public Works Department road crews are ready to go.

Road and Bridge Administrator Jim Evans said he talked with his assistants this morning and will finalize plans tomorrow morning.

“We are ready, we have salt and sand on hand and a plan in place,” he said. “You have to be concerned not to miss the first snow of the season.”

Evans said preparation for the winter season starts in late July by ordering salt and sand for the roads. After Labor Day the spreaders and trucks prepared.

“We have equipment repaired and drivers assigned to snow routes. We then have a dry run, which was October 26th this year. That is where we load the v-boxes and plows on the trucks and drivers run their routes. They provide feedback to us in case they find any defects in the equipment or roadways that need to be fixed,” he said.

The department has a private weather forecasting company that provides constant updates on incoming weather so informed decisions can be on road preparation. During severe weather the department runs in two shifts with 16 trucks on each shift. There will also be three mechanics and a dispatcher on duty. Shifts operate midnight to noon and noon to midnight.

Evans appreciates the help of county residents. “Folks in Jackson County are good to us during winter weather, they have their cars parked in their driveways and are courteous to the snow plow drivers,” he said. “I believe the dedication of my staff during winter weather events is outstanding. The drivers are always challenging themselves to perform at the highest of standards.”