County Associates support Giving The Basics

Giving_BasicsCounty Executive Frank White, Jr., and Legislative Chairman Scott Burnett present a check to Teresa Hamilton and Joanie Sheeley with Giving The Basics as Paul May Director of Services with Sheraton Hotel and Westin Crown Center looks on.


Giving The Basics received a $380 donation from Jackson County associates.

Giving The Basics has been providing basic hygiene products to individuals in the Kansas City metro area for the past six years.

Teresa Hamilton said the organization has four programs. One program provides 76 local pantries, veteran centers, senior centers, battered women centers and traditional housing homeless. Another provides hygiene products to 231 schools.

“A child can walk in and say can I get a deodorant or tooth paste. These products are not covered by government assistance. That is why Giving The Basics is here, we are Kansas City’s hygiene hub,” she said.

The organization also partners with police departments to provide products that some may not be able to afford at the store. “It is wonderful to see the police interacting with the public.”

Their newest program partners with Meals on Wheels to provide incontinence products to homebound seniors. “We did that because they call and are emotional and crying because they can’t get the products,” Hamilton said.

“With our buying power we can triple any money that we get so when I see $300 I automatically think $900 so this is going to be great for the people. We go through 33,000 deodorants in the school program a year. That was last year and this year will be more. This is awesome oh my gosh,” she said.

While presenting the check, Legislative Chairman Scott Burnett said he was discussing Giving The Basics with Paul May, Director of Services for Sheraton Hotel and Westin Crown Center, who offered to donate 20,000 little bottles of shampoo. May also started a fund drive to collect deodorant at the hotels.

“The other thing that Paul has done is they are changing out all of the mattresses at the Sheraton and Westin and we have been giving those to folks. Working with the police department and other agencies. He had 165 boxes of towels so those have been distributed throughout the neighborhood so he has been a good partner and we look forward to doing more in the future,” Burnett said.