Officers Promoted


Major John Cloonan, Lt. Elmer Grayson, Lt. Anyu Nji, Lt. Charise Hill, Lt. Chande Tali and Corrections Director Diana Turner.


The Jackson County Department of Corrections promoted four officers to Lieutenant during a ceremony Friday at the Detention Center.

Elmer Grayson, Charise Hill, Anyu Nji and Chande Tali received their lieutenant bars from Major John Cloonan. This is the first time in more than a year the department has promoted officers to lieutenant.

Cloonan said to become a lieutenant officers must meet certain criteria. “You have to have background as a sergeant at ours or another correctional facility. Candidates must have a clean record with no blemishes and then they go through an interview process with a three person board. And all of these they did real good with the board.”

According to Corrections Director Diana Turner, “Lieutenants are our first line of support for our staff. They are the leaders they are the ones who will coach, teach and train the next generation of corrections officers to ensure that we have a high standard of professionalism.”

“Each of the individuals promoted today is somebody with a demonstrated record of dedication to duty, bravery, commitment and professionalism,” she said. “They represent the international community as well. We are very proud of the diversity we have on our staff and this lieutenant core we promoted today is emblematic of that. They bring a lot to the table in terms of prospective and maturity.”