Associate of the Month: May 2018

MONDAY, JULY 16, 2018

Over the last two years Lead Case Manager Kerry Balthrop has worked a significant number of exceptionally difficult cases for the Public Administrator’s Office.

According to Public Administrator John Killian, her case load involves people with intellectual disabilities, brain injuries and other cognitive disabilities. She has proven herself a tireless and effective advocate for those people who are difficult to place.

In one matter, the person had significant medical issues. In two other cases, the wards exhibited extreme behaviors including assaults, verbal aggression and highly manipulative behavior. In several more, the clients were living in skilled nursing facilities.

“For all of them, through her determination and perseverance and after repeatedly being denied adequate services, Kerry was able to find placements and services for them,” Killian said.

“She has shown great leadership by making a positive contribution to our implementation team working on new accounting and notation software for the office. She is always the first to volunteer to accept hard assignments and to work routine matters whenever we need help. She is critical to our success and worthy of recognition,” he said. “She is one person that I know, that if given a project will attack it with full force and hang on to it until we have the result that we need to get and for her position in particular that means a real tangible, practical result and that equals lives.”


County Executive Frank White, Jr., Kerry Balthrop and Public Administrator John Killian.