Neighborhood Parks Renovated

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2018

Jackson County celebrated the renovation of three of its neighborhood parks with a trio of ribbon cuttings Thursday.

The three parks (57th and Forest, 35th and Wabash and 24th and Woodland) all received major improvements to both infrastructure and park amenities. This included new sidewalks, fencing, landscaping playground structures, picnic tables, benches and a renovated basketball court at the Woodland location.

County Executive Frank White, Jr., said the park renovations will, “Help revitalize the neighborhood, give children a safe place to play and bring families together.”

“My goal as county executive is to build up our community so citizens know that Jackson County is a place where you can live, work and play,” he said. “It all starts with caring for our neighbors, being kind to our neighbors and lending a hand to our neighbors.”

White thanked Jackson County Parks + Rec for their outstanding work on to beautify the parks. He also recognized the Jackson County Legislature for their support to make the project a reality.

“Without legislators who are community minded a lot of these projects just won’t get done. It is really nice to be on the same page in this endeavor, because it shows if we have a great spirit of cooperation we can get some great things done in Jackson County,” White said.

“Together we are committed to putting your needs first so that you are proud to be Jackson County citizens,” he said.

Jackson County Legislator Crystal Williams, Second District At-Large, said, "It is a joy to celebrate the renovation of three newly renovated Jackson County pocket parks in urban Kansas City. This project was possible with funding from Jackson County and the hard work of our Parks + Rec leadership and staff. Special thanks to Parks + Rec Director Michelle Newman for her long standing commitment to making these parks wonderful places for children and families."

“It shows that Jackson County cares about these neighborhood parks and cares about the neighborhoods and the people in them,” said Second District Legislator Alfred Jordan.

“It is a special place here,” Legislator Tony Miller, Third District At-Large, said, “I know that a lot of my first memories are of special playgrounds that I went to with my folks so hopefully the kids in this neighborhood will benefit as much as I did from the places that I went.”

Parks + Rec Director Michele Newman said, “As the third largest county park system in the nation on nearly 22,000 acres, our parks and lakes are many different things to many people. Whether it’s a family picnic in the park, lakeside celebrating that big catch of the day or kid’s laughter on a playground. With the renovation and reopening of this beautiful park, we hope to hear a lot of laughter on this playground for many years to come.”

Newman commended the Parks + Rec team who led the project, Deputy Director Brian Nowotny, Superintendent John Johnson, Deputy Superintendent, Earnest Jones and Supervisor Mark Hite. She said the county was fortunate to work with an outstanding team of contractors including Rodney Born with Cunningham Recreation, Bob Kremers and Mike Turner with FallZone, Inc.