Associate of the Month: April 2018


There is really no easy way to sum up what Devyn Horsley means to the Sheriff’s Office.

According to Captain Scott Goodman, “In the five months that I have been the Commander of Staff Services, she has consistently performed at a high level. Her extraordinary organization skills and an unmatched attention to detail makes my job SO MUCH easier.”

As a clerk for the Sheriff’s Office, Devyn is responsible for all of the Sheriff’s Office payroll, all purchasing, accounts payable, leased vehicles, and grant paperwork, as well as overseeing the current budget and future monetary expenditures. On top of all her duties at work, she has also returned to school to finish her Master’s degree.

“She approaches all projects with such a dedication to excellence that I have rarely (if ever) noticed a mistake in the paperwork,” Goodman said.

“Devyn is a very caring person who is concerned with more than just numbers.  She has learned early in her career that organizations are made up of people. Attached to all payroll timesheets, is a family,” he said.


Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Forte', Devyn Horsley and County Executive Frank White, Jr.