Summer Road Program

Roads1The Jackson County Public Works Department is on the road again.

The annual summer road program helps to keep the county’s 425 miles of roads in good shape. Chief Engineer Earl Newill said that nearly 80 miles of roadwork will be done this year. The annual summer road program consists of three major activities, Asphalt Mill and Overlay, Chip Sealing non asphalt roads and Pavement Marking.

Asphalt roads are being milled, which consists of removing two inches of the existing asphalt and then placing back two inches of new asphalt.

Chip Seal work began in April with road preparation by the Road and Bridge staff. The crew, using trucks, blades, rollers and a milling machine, add additional aggregate to the road then recycle the new aggregate into the existing roadbed to re-shape and compact it. An oil prime coat is then added to seal the new surface. Chip Seal is later applied to the road by a contractor.

The asphalt overlay roads as well as existing roads will then be striped as needed.

Newill said the road program is an annual event with same action being done to roughly the amount of mileage on different roads every year. The chip seal is done to every six or seven years and the asphalt is done every 12 to 20 years. Work begins in April and is targeted to be done by the end of September.