124th Correction Officer Academy Graduation


FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 2018

The Jackson County Department of Corrections welcomed 14 new graduates to its staff during a ceremony for the Training Academy’s 124th graduating class June 8.

Corrections Director Dianna Turner expressed her excitement about the class and its great diversity with officers coming from Georgia, New York, Liberia, Rwanda as well as Kansas City.

“I am so excited at the panorama of the world’s population we represent in our agency. I would put our diversity up against any organization in the U.S. That is going to make us stronger and better. We are going to serve the community better because we represent the community in our detention facility and it is represented in this class,” she said.

The graduates have a very tough job ahead of them Turner said. “We keep the community safe every day and we do it well. When it hits the fan at the Jackson County Department of Corrections, the bravest and the best answer the call consistently every time and each one of you raised your hand and said let me be counted among that number. You have every reason to be proud. As your director I am honored and grateful to be with you.”

Presiding Judge John Torrence congratulated the class and welcomed them as agents of Jackson County as well as representatives of the court. “We are all in this together and we welcome you.”

“I want to commend you,” he said. “I want to commend your effort. I want to commend your dedication. I want to commend your desire to take on this difficult job. I assume you are here because you have the desire to be part of this process but more than anything, I want to commend your heart, because it takes heart to do what you are doing. I want to commend your courage. I want to commend your willingness to accept a difficult challenge and a difficult job.”

Torrence reminded officers that everybody in the jail is a human being and deserves to be treated with respect. “Respect is something that is so important in the judicial system. It is so important in the corrections system and it is so easy and so cheap, it doesn’t cost you anything and it has tremendous value. There is just no better way to gain respect from people than to give it.”

While addressing the class, County Executive Frank White, Jr., stressed what a difficult job they have ahead of them and how special they are for taking on the challenge.

“I say special because you provide a special service to our community. Brave men and women like you who wear the badge of Jackson County corrections officer are essential to our community’s safety. Every day you will be making a difference. You are an important component of our criminal justice system. I admire the work you do and I couldn’t be more grateful for your willingness to serve,” he said.

Each graduate received a certificate of completion, followed by a small reception with their families and guests.