123rd Correction Officer Academy Graduation



The Jackson County Department of Corrections welcomed 15 new graduates to its staff during a ceremony for the Training Academy’s 123rd graduating class April 13.

Accreditation manager Mike Rains addressed the graduates on behalf of the Department of Corrections and stressed that their education does not stop with the completion of the three week academy.

“If you stop it there you are merely doing a job and that is not what you are here for, you are here for a career,” he said. “Challenge yourselves to continue to grow as correctional officers so you can one day stand where I am at, or where the deputy is at, or where the director is at. What you want to do is make it a career and be managing those who do that and developing and evolving the system as you go along.”

Rains concluded by saying, “This is a very tough job, it is a very challenging job, but what it can be is extremely rewarding making a difference and impacting somebody’s life. Thank you very much I wish you success.”

FBI Special Agent Darrin Jones congratulated the graduates on what they have accomplished so far and thanked them for what they are going to do.

 “Most of the people in society don’t want to think about you. They don’t want to think about your job. Everybody knows there is a corrections facility out there some place, but frankly they are in a nice little warm house over here and they don’t want to think about that. Make no mistake you are not going to hear thank you every day because those folks don’t want to think about it. They do, absolutely, positively expect you to do the job with absolute integrity. As much as they don’t want to think about it they expect it from you and they have a right to expect it. I have a right to expect it just like you have a right to expect me to have integrity in what I do. So keep that in mind,” Jones said.

“We know that the job that you have chosen to take, the training that you have undergone is really, really important,” Legislator, Crystal Williams, Second District at Large, said. “It is significant the work that you do for us. I want you to also know that just like I am working for everyone in the county, you are working for everyone in the county.”

Williams asked that the graduates “Please keep in mind that the people that you are working with are people. Most of them have families, kids, parents, people that love them. And you are basically working with them at the toughest time in their lives.”

“You’ve got a great team, you’ve got a great director and I know that you are going to be very successful. I am also so glad to see the diversity of this group and the women in this group, I think it is awesome and I think that you guys will have a really good time working together,” she said.

County Executive Frank White, Jr., remind the class of how difficult the job will be and that it takes special people to do it. “I do call you special people because you provide a special service to our community. Great men and women like you who wear the badge of a Jackson County corrections officer are essential to our community and our community’s public safety. Every day you are making a difference. You are an important component of our criminal justice system and I admire the work you do.”

“Safety and security at the detention center is my top priority and I expect you to hold me accountable when it’s not. At the same time I expect you to be accountable for your actions. You can count on me and my full support when you follow the rules,” White said. “I have always said that hard work plus opportunity equals success and I really believe if you use that formula as you work together as a team anything is possible. We have a great team in place at the corrections department and I look forward to seeing each of you find your strength on the team and excel at there. I want nothing more than to see you achieve your goals.”

 White closed with one last piece of advice, “Learn from those who came before you, as I did when I was a player I learned from those who came before me and it helped me adjust for when it was my time to be the one that was doing the leading.”

corrections_grad3Legislator, Crystal Williams, Second District at Large, addresses the graduates.


County Executive Frank White, Jr., and Legislator Crystal Williams congratulate graduates.