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Treatment Agencies Receiving COMBAT Grants

The grip of dependency from drugs is powerful, but COMBAT provides relief for those who abuse drugs but are serious about reversing past mistakes and want to return to being productive members of society. Listed here are COMBAT-funded programs run by agencies in Jackson County providing treatment services.

Listing Updated October 2014

Amethyst Place, Inc.

Benilde Hall

Children's Mercy Hospital

Comprehensive Mental
Health Services

Cornerstones of Care

Crittenton Children's Center

DeLaSalle Education Center

Dismas House of KC, Inc.

First Call

Guadalupe Centers, Inc.

Heartland Center for Behavioral Change

Hope House, Inc.

Mattie Rhodes Center

Niles Home for Children

Plaza Academy


Rose Brooks Center, Inc.

Salvation Army - MOSOS

Samuel U. Rodgers
Health Center

Sheffield Place

Swope Health Services

Truman Medical Center


Amethyst Place, Inc.
Contact Person:
Kimberly Davis
Address: 2732 Troost, Kansas City, Missouri 64109
Phone: (816) 231-8782

Funding Amount: $ 37,000

Treatment Summary: Amethyst Place provides independent, supportive housing to women in drug and alcohol recovery. Amethyst Place promotes sobriety and recovery, mentoring to promote positive parenting, guidance in learning effective household management, and an opportunity to develop healthy community relationships. Through these measures, Amethyst Place facilitates a transition from a life of crime and substance abuse to successful, interdependent living.

Benilde Hall
Contact Person: Kent Jewell
Address: 3220 E. 23rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64127
Phone: (816) 842-5836

Funding Amount: $ 77,000

Treatment Summary: Benilde Hall provides substance abuse treatment for addicts, many with mental illness. Benilde Hall programming includes: Transitional Living-Services, provided to 50 men at any given time, includes
substance abuse treatment, individual & group counseling, mental health services, health assessment, health literacy, employment counseling, independent living skills, recreation activities, legal advocacy & referrals.
Benilde Hall provides housing and services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The addition of the Seeking Safety program addresses the needs of those experiencing stress from past trauma events which may be contributing to
mental illness or substance abuse. By treating the mental healht needs as well as the substance abuse issues Benilde Hall continues to strive to share the missioun of COMBAT by addressing the cutting edge of drug addiction; the prevention, treatment and reduction of drug addiction; and drug-related and violent crime in our community.

Children's Mercy Hospital - TIES Program
Contact Person: Oneta Templeton
Gateway Address: 2401 Gillham Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Phone: (816) 960-8427

Funding Amount: $ 52,000

Treatment Program Summary: The TIES (Team for Infants Endangered by Substance abuse) Program is a comprehensive, multi-agency program providing intensive, home-based services to pregnant and postpartum women and their families affected by substance abuse and/or HIV in order to reduce drug use, promote healthier families, increase family stability through education and employment and build on family resources.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services
Contact Person: Julie Pratt
Gateway Address: 10901 E Winner Road, Independence, Missouri 64052
Phone: (816) 254-3652

Funding Amount: $ 460,000

Treatment Program Summary: CMHS has reduced residential support and focused on increasing services available to outpatient services and increasing their length of stay in treatment.  Length of stay has been shown to be the
 number one predictor of success in treatment.  CMHS has begun to use the "Living in Balance" curriculum which has increased the evidenced based practices utilized in the treatment programs.  Our goals for the individuals we serve are to obtain and maintain recovery and to become productive citizens.  CMHS views our participants holistically and not only assists them with the tools they need to get and stay clean, but also to work out their issues with the criminal justice system and to learn the skills they need to become employed and fully productive members of the community.  CMHS teaches individuals how to deal with the stresses of living without resorting to anger and violence.  By being a mental health center, CMHS is also able
 to provide services addressing the mental health needs of individuals.  CMHS is becoming a trauma-informed center.  Our belief is that most of the individuals that we serve have been exposed to some sort of trauma and we are learning how to provide services in a way that does not re-traumatize individuals but also teaches ways for individuals to learn to deal with the trauma they have experienced.

Cornerstones of Care
Contact Person: Shawn Thorton
Address: 421 E. 137th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64145
Phone: (816) 508-3600

Funding Amount: $ 125,000

Treatment Summary: Provides treatment services that assist in reducing the number of adolescent clients using alcohol and or drugs. Its' goal is to provide treatment, education, recreation and leisure activities, art therapy, music therapy and milieu therapy in the living environment.

Crittenton Children's Center
Contact Person:
Molly Pellettiere
Address: 10918 Elm Avenue, Kansas City, Missouri 64134
Phone: (816) 765-6600

Funding Amount: $ 80,000

Treatment Summary: Crittenton’s Adolescent Chemical Dependency Intensive Outpatient Program is open to young persons ages 13-19, middle school and high school ages, from the Greater Kansas City area who are experiencing problems in their lives associated with their use of alcohol or other drugs. Clients and families who come for services have financial need due to loss of employment, exhaustion of insurance benefits, incarceration, being in the custody of the Children’s Division or long-term problems that impinge on employment and income status.

DeLaSalle Education Center
Contact Person:
Rochelle DePriest
Address: 3740 Forest, Kansas City, Missouri 64109
Phone: (816) 561-4445

Funding Amount: $ 43,500

Treatment Summary: The DeLaSalle Education Center’s PROUD (Pupil’s Recovery Over Using Drugs) program is a substance abuse treatment program that provides recovery(outpatient) services to at least forty 9th through 12th
grade students identified as being problem users of, or addicted to, illegal substances.

Dismas House of KC, Inc.
Contact Person: Sheriece Moses
Address: 301 E Armour Boulevard, #201, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone: (816) 531-6050

Funding Amount: $ 80,000

Treatment Summary: Dismas House of KC, Inc., runs a  Missouri Certified Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Program that provides 40 hours of comprehensive substance abuse treatment services and recovery support services to 100 men and women, 17 years old and older. At least 85% of the targeted population will be on supervision for drug related crimes.

First Call
Contact Person: Keith Faison
Me First Address:
 9091 State Line, Kansas City, MO  64114
Phone: (816) 361-5900 

Funding Amount: $ 36,000

Treatment Summary: Motivational Enhancement (ME) First is in operation at the Jackson County Regional Detention Facility and is currently restricted to females engaged in substance abuse and/or prostitution and who are awaiting placement in a community-based treatment program. The program curriculum is based on the premise of William Miller and Stephen Rollnick that a contributing factor to treatment failure is that the client is not sufficiently motivated.

Guadalupe Centers, Inc.
Contact Person:
Mercedes Mora
Address: 1015 Avenida Cesar E Chavez, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Phone: (816) 421-1015 

Funding Amount: $ 80,000

Treatment Summary: The Guadalupe Center’s Dia Por Dia Outpatient Treatment Program will provide community residents (primarily Latino) access to substance abuse treatment services that is available in the language that the participant chooses, generally their primary language. Dia Por Dia was developed keeping that in mind and provides all of its counseling services and activities in either Spanish or English in a culturally sensitive manner.

Heartland Center for Behavioral Chance
Contact Person: Diana Tacy
Address: 1730 Prospect, #100, Kansas City, Missouri 64127
Phone: (816) 421-6670

Funding Amount: $ 148,000

Treatment Summary: Treatment Summary: Detoxification is an important initial step for many. It is sometimes their first impression of treatment as well as their first linkage to treatment and the possibility of a clean and sober life. Heartland Center for Behavioral Change provides a Medically Monitored Inpatient Detoxification services to Jackson County residents who are withdrawing from drugs/alcohol to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and to link individuals to ongoing treatment services following withdrawal.

Hope House, Inc.
Contact Person: Ivy Pellerito
Address: P.O. Box 577, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063
Phone: (816) 461-4188

Funding Amount: $ 32,000

Treatment Summary: Hope House provides a State Certified Supported Recovery program for female victims of domestic violence, specifically addressing the co-occurring issues of substance abuse and domestic violence. Weekly one-hour individual counseling sessions are provided for participants who are residents in our Independence or Lee’s Summit shelters and for participants who are in our outreach programs.

Mattie Rhodes Center
Contact Person: Andrea Perdomo-Morales
Address: 1740 Jefferson, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Phone: (816) 471-2536

Funding Amount: $ 45,000

Treatment Summary: Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn) is Mattie Rhodes Center’s bilingual and bicultural substance abuse program, which utilizes the curriculum, Living in Balance, that works to prevent drug-related crime, usage, and abuse, and typically consists of 12 treatment sessions and 21 after-care sessions. The program has two levels of care: the first level is outpatient care of intermediate intensity and duration. The second level offers treatment on a regularly scheduled basis while allowing for a temporary increase in services to address a crisis, relapse, or imminent risk of relapse. 

Niles Home for Children
Contact Person: Yolonda Carson
Address: 1911 E 23rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64127
Phone: (816) 241-3448 

Funding Amount: $ 30,000

Treatment Summary: Adolescent Inpatient program provides five core services to youth residing at Niles Home or attending Niles Prep who have been identified with risk factors for substance abuse such as alcohol/drug experimentation, learning difficulties, school problems, disruptive behavior or showing a lack of problem-solving and decision making skills. 

Plaza Academy 
Contact Person: Ward Worley
Address: 4050 Pennsylvania #143, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone: (816) 561-2530 

Funding Amount: $ 50,000

Treatment Summary: The families who seek our services present with adolescents who have psychiatric or psychological diagnosis which are accompanies by school failure, family dysfunction, and a history of poor peer relationships. Most, by not all of our teens have failed in their previous, public schools or have left school. These teens endure a greater risk for drug and alcohol use, continues school failure, and prolonged poor peer relationships.

Contact Person: Marsha Page-White
Address: 901 NE Independence Avenue, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64086
Phone: (816) 246-8000

Funding Amount: $ 400,000

Treatment Summary: The goal of ReDiscover’s Substance Abuse Programming is to provide residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment for men and women (and their children). Services include the full range of substance abuse treatment, including intensive residential treatment, three levels of outpatient treatment, transportation, child care including before/after school and transition steps toward reentering their community. Programming addresses COMBAT’s outcome of providing treatment for offenders.

Rose Brooks Center, Inc.
Contact Person:
Jeannie Hooper
Address: PO Box 320599, Kansas City, Missouri 64132
Phone: (816) 523-5550

Funding Amount: $ 50,000

Treatment Summary: The Rose Brooks Center (RBC) Addictions Program meets one of the four major objectives of COMBAT by providing treatment to non-violent offenders. The Addictions Program is conducted on-site at RBC’s 75-bed emergency shelter and assists clients in navigating the recovery process by providing a holistic and culturally competent approach to each woman’s recovery needs. Services include education, community resource
linkage, stress-reduction and healing activities, psycho-educational groups and individualized treatment services. RBC’s Addictions Program components are: screening; treatment planning; weekly wellness, recovery and healthy relationship groups; individual counseling, drug screening; community support/case management; service linkage with children’s program and discharge planning.

Salvation Army - MOSOS
Contact Person: LeVearn Hicks
Address: 101 W Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64111
Phone: (816) 285-2800

Funding Amount: $ 148,000

Treatment Summary: MOSOS is a faith-based program with several program components to support individuals living in Jackson County who wish to live a drug-free and crime-free lifestyle. One component, social detox, provides interventions in managing acute intoxication and withdrawal from drugs including monitoring vitals, physical/behavioral assessment, and physical stabilization, support services, on-site 12-step meetings/mentoring, and direct treatment linkage through treatment readiness preparation, referral, and transportation.

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Contact Person: Arturine Criswell
Address: 825 Euclid, Kansas City, Missouri 64124
Phone: (816) 747-4920

Funding Amount: $ 16,000

Treatment Summary: The Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center's Intensive Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program goals are to eliminate the use of illicit drugs and consequently impact the criminal activity of individuals enrolled in the program and to increase the employment and social connectedness of clients.  The program consists of providing one-on-one individual counseling, group counseling and some case management services. The counselors in the program provide a 12 week curriculum that includes contact of 10 hours a week.  The program combines evidenced-based models like motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, therapeutic community, community reinforcement and contingency management .


Sheffield Place
Contact Person: Kelly Welch
Address: 6604 E 12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64126
Phone: (816) 483-9927 

Funding Amount: $ 45,000

Treatment Summary: Sheffield Place is a transitional-living program for homeless mothers and their children. COMBAT-funded activities include Individual Therapy, which is provided at least weekly by a licensed therapist; Substance Abuse Support groups, which are provided weekly by a licensed therapist; Psycho-education groups that are provided regularly based on treatment plan and assessment needs; Children’s Supportive Care provided by a Master level Social Worker; Community Support or Case Management provided by one of two Case Managers; Family Counseling provided by the licensed therapist and licensed child therapist; and Drug Testing.

Swope Health Services
Contact Person: Adrienne Powell
Imani House Address: 3801 Blue Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri 64130
Phone: (816) 923-5800

Funding Amount: $ 247,250

Treatment Summary: Imani House is an adult substance abuse treatment program of Swope Health Services providing social detox;and residential, day treatment, and outpatient services to an indigent community residing predominantly in the urban core of Kansas City.


Truman Medical Centers Behavioral Health
Recovery Health Services
Contact Person:
Martha Boyd
Address: 300 W 19th Ter., Kansas City, MO  64108
Phone: (816) 404-5735

Funding Amount: $ 166,000

Treatment Summary: The TMC Behavioral Recovery Health Services, (RHS) program, located on Hospital Hill, provides individual and group counseling, group education and community supports through individual case management services, to persons diagnosed with substance abuse and to those diagnosed with mental illness.  The program has provided training for staff in therapies for trauma survivors.

Behavioral Health Network - Lakewood 
Contact Person:
Martha Boyd
Address: 300 SE 2nd St., Ste. 100, Lee's Summit, Missouri 64063
Phone: (816) 404-6170

Treatment Summary: Lakewood Counseling Service (LCS) Drug Addiction Recovery (DAR) is a partnership between the client, Lakewood Counseling Services and the client's probation officer.  Successful completion of the program will be evidenced by ongoing sobriety, secure employment as needed, and no further legal system encounters.  Clinicians have completed training in EDMR to address trauma recovery as well as addiction recovery.

Jail Anti-Drug Movement
Contact Person:
Daniel Williams
Address: 1300 Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri 64106
Phone: (816) 404-5735

Funding Amount: $ 110,000

Treatment-Summary: The Jail Anti-drug Movement (JAM) program provides intensive, substance abuse treatment to incarcerated inmates at the Jackson County Detention Center who admit to having a substance
 abuse problem. The program is affiliated with the Jackson County Drug Court.  Treatment is intensive and occurs over a 3-week period.  This relatively brief period is necessitated by the short length of stay of the average inmate in jail. The JAM program is viewed as a beginning point for substance abuse treatment for most clients.  Evidenced-based practices include cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.


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