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Follow our progress on renovations to the Eastern Jackson County Courthouse in Independence.
Please use our convenient Maintenance Request Form to report problem areas in unincorporated Jackson County.
Use our convenient Maintenance Request Form to report problems in unincorporated areas.

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Welcome to the award-winning Jackson County Public Works Department!

It's our job to care for your county home like you care for your personal home. We repair and maintain; we make sure businesses and citizens honor the codes; we cut back growth, clear unsightly weeds and plow the snow in the unincorporated area. We take care of your county government buildings, and plan for future growth.

We're a "hands-on" department that takes pride in giving you, the citizen, a great place to live and work.

The Public Works division encompasses six lines of business: Administration, Development, Engineering, Environmental Health, Road and Bridge Maintenance and Facilities Management.

Major responsibilities include project engineering and construction administration, building maintenance and repair, road and bridge repair, snow removal, planning, building permits, code enforcement, animal control, nuisance abatement, stormwater and environmental services including food inspection and sanitary sewer operation.

Jackson County Technology Center
Administration, Engineering, and Planning Divisions
303 W. Walnut St. 
Independence, MO 64050   
(816) 881-4530
Jackson County Courthouse
Facilities Management Division
415 E. 12th St., 3M
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 881-3258
Leo E. Koehler
Road Maintenance Facility

Road & Bridge Maintenance and Environmental Health Divisions
34900 E. Old U.S. 40 Hwy.
Oak Grove, MO 64075
(816) 847-7050 (Road & Bridge)      
(816) 847-7073 (Environmental Health) 


 Board of Zoning Adjustment
 Facilities Management
 Planning & Environmental Health
 Plan Commission
 Road & Bridge
 Stormwater Commission  


Earl Newill, P.E.
Acting Director of
Public Works &
Chief Engineer

(816) 881-4538

Scott George
Senior Operations Manager

(816) 881-4491 sgeorge@jacksongov.org



Administration provides administrative support for all the divisions within Public Works, including technical support.

Office: (816) 881-4449

Gwendolyn Cogshell Operations Administrator  (816) 881-4449 gcogshell@jacksongov.org
Ali Roohanirad Traffic/Maintenance Engineer  (816) 847-7054  aroohanirad@jacksongov.org

Board of Zoning Adjustment

Meets at:
Independence City Hall
Conference Room D, Ground Floor
111 East Maple
Independence, MO 64050

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The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works provides engineering design and construction management for road and bridge replacement projects throughout Jackson County. The Road and Bridge Tax Fund, augmented with grants from the State and Federal government, is used to fund these programs.

Office: (816) 881-4447

Earl Newill Acting Director of Public Works
Chief Engineer
(816) 881-4538 enewill@jacksongov.org
Ben Allen II Utilities / Construction Inspector (816) 847-7074 ballen@jacksongov.org
Sam Davis         Project and Safety Coordinator         (816) 881-4466     sdavis@jacksongov.org 
Glen Dvorak Civil Engineer I (816) 881-4499 gdvorak@jacksongov.org
Chris Jenkins Civil Engineer I  (816) 881-4429  cjenkins@jacksongov.org
Lyle Jones Project / Quality Control Inspector  (816) 847-7057  ljones@jacksongov.org
John McClernon Civil Engineer I  (816) 881-4532  jmcclernon@jacksongov.org
Martha Poe  Administrative Assistant  (816) 881-4447  mpoe@jacksongov.org
Gary Russell  Building Inspector / Engineering Technician  (816) 881-4639  grussell@jacksongov.org
Rodger Seidelman Professional Engineer  (816) 847-7055  rseidelman@jacksongov.org

Facilities Management

The Facilities Administrator is responsible for Jackson County's buildings, physical facilities and equipment. The Facilities Management Department is comprised of building repairers, operating engineers, plumbers, carpenters, painters, electricians, maintenance workers and supervisors all working together to make sure these buildings are safe and in good working order.

Office: (816) 881-3258

Bryan Nolte
Facilities Management Administrator (816) 881-3748 bnolte@jacksongov.org
Gary Hayes Building Superintendent (816) 881-1615 ghayes@jacksongov.org
Marilyn Scothorne Office Administrator (816) 881-3258 mscothorne@jacksongov.org

Planning & Environmental Health

Administrator: Scott George

Phone: (816) 847-7071
E-mail: sgeorge@jacksongov.org

Environmental Health

Environmental Health is responsible for permitting and inspecting the food establishments in the unincorporated area and those cities not in the corporate limits of Kansas City and Independence. They work with food establishments to ensure that employees that prepare, handle and dispense food receive training in safe and proper procedures for the handling of food so that food borne illnesses can be prevented. Jackson County offers an online food handler training course and also partners with the City of Independence for classroom food handler training. Environmental Health is also responsible for animal control and protection and overall code enforcement and nuisance compliance.

Office: (816) 847-7073

Debbie Sees Environmental Health Administrator (816) 847-7070 dsees@jacksongov.org
Amanda Burch Public Health Specialist (816) 797-7198 aburch@jacksongov.org
Mose Crockett Public Health Specialist (816) 810-7221 mcrockett@jacksongov.org
Roger Harmon Public Health Specialist (816) 590-9231 rharmon@jacksongov.org
Casey Elledge Public Health Specialist (816) 223-9769 celledge@jacksongov.org
Roderick Jackson
Public Health Specialist
(816) 225-9627
Kerri Moore Administrative Assistant (816) 847-7073 kmoore@jacksongov.org
Steve Schnell Code Enforcement Officer (816) 881-4515 sschnell@jacksongov.org

Planning & Development

The Planning and Development Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of planning, zoning and development, waste water quality control, flood plain management, building codes, and stormwater management in unincorporated Jackson County.

Office: (816) 881-4649

Randy Diehl Zoning Compliance Supervisor (816) 881-4577 rdiehl@jacksongov.org
Amy Keister Administrative Assistant      (816) 881-4649 akeister@jacksongov.org 
Steve Schnell On-Site Wastewater Specialist (816) 881-4515 sschnell@jacksongov.org
Marlon Southard Building Official (816) 881-4409 msouthard@jacksongov.org

Plan Commission

Meets at:
Independence City Hall
Conference Room D, Ground Floor
111 East Maple
Independence, MO 64050

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Road & Bridge

The responsibility of the Road and Bridge Maintenance Division is to maintain a safe and effective roadway system for the motorists in the unincorporated parts of Jackson County.

Jim Evans Road & Bridge Administrator (816) 847-7053 jevans@jacksongov.org
Matt Willier
Assistant Road & Bridge Administrator
(816) 881-7083 mwillier@jacksongov.org
Corey Hansen
Assistant Road & Bridge Administrator
(816) 847-7062 chansen@jacksongov.org

Stormwater Commission

Meets at:
Fleming Hall
21906 Woods Chapel Road
Blue Springs, MO 64015

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