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135th Street Improvements (M-150 to Holmes)

135th StreetAugust 2011 - Jackson County and Kansas City have entered into a cooperative agreement that will use CURS (County Urban Road System) funds for Jackson County to complete this project through the final design stage. That includes design, appraisals and right-of-way acquisitions.

Improvements on 135th Street between Holmes Road and M-150 Highway are in the design stage. This 2-lane stretch has frequent turn lanes for side roads and businesses. Planned improvements call for a 3-lane highway with a center left turn lane from the Washington/Inverness intersection to Oak Street and 2-lane highway from east of Oak Street through the Union Pacific Railroad Crossing all the way to Holmes. Upgrades are expected to include new curb and gutter, sidewalks, trail system, streetscape, decorative street lights, intersection improvements, improved stormwater drainage and utility relocations.

Preliminary design underway.

County Project No. 3084
Design Consultant TapanAm Associates, Inc.
Estimated Design Cost $389,000 to Right-Of-Way Phase
Project Length .96 Miles
Estimated Design Completion Date Fall 2011 

Project Manager Chris Jenkins  |  (816) 881-4429


Lee's Summit Road (40 Highway to Anderson)

  Why Lee's Summit Road?
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January 2014 – Plans now call for the project to bid in Summer 2014. Over the past year, the decision was made to partner with MoDOT for the project management of the Jackson County portion of the Lee’s Summit Road improvements. MoDOT had already committed to improving the intersection at Lee’s Summit Road and U.S. 40 Highway, so it was considered to be advantageous both financially and practically to bid both at the same time.

As part of the project, Kansas City will be upgrading and relocating the entire water line. The existing pipes are old and this project presented a good time for them to be replaced.

Work will start on the bridge portion of the project as soon as a contractor is awarded the job. Since an entirely new bridge is being built adjacent to the existing one, traffic will not be affected. The entire project is slated to be completed by the fall of 2015.

It is still expected that the road will remain substantially open during the project.

Improvements are now in the design phase for the stretch of Lee's Summit Road between 40 Highway and Anderson. Lee's Summit Road is classified as a secondary arterial. The project is one part of Jackson County's partnership with Kansas City and Lee's Summit to address a 6.6 mile section of Lee's Summit Road beginning at US-40 and moving south to its intersection with Colbern Road. Jackson County has already completed improvements at the intersection of Lee's Summit Road and Gregory Blvd. 

Since there are multiple jurisdictions involved, MoDOT and the Mid-America Regional Council also participated in the planning process.

Construction improvements for the site call for a three-lane roadway with sidewalks, on- and off-street bicycle accommodations, street lights and landscaping. The project will interface with the Little Blue Trail Trace at the point where the bridge is being replaced at the Little Blue River. An effort will be made to incorporate green features into the design with regard to stormwater management.

This is a CURS project that Jackson County is managing for Kansas City. It will conform to federal guidelines.

Previous Updates

September 2011 – It will be necessary to purchase right of way from some of the residents who are adjacent to the project. Discussions for these transactions are currently taking place.

April 2011 - Jackson County Public Works held a public hearing March 31, 2011 on “Improvements to Lee’s Summit Road, 48th Terrace to Anderson Drive”. The open-house-style hearing was held at Pleasant Grove Bible Church, on Lee’s Summit Road. (The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) also hosted a table at the event to discuss future improvements to the intersection of U.S. 40 and Lee’s Summit Road.)

More than 100 residents and business owners from the neighborhood gathered to view exhibits, give comments and discuss pertinent elements of the design with County representatives and members of the HNTB Engineering design team. Most of the people who left comments were favorable to the overall design. Some were supportive with reservations and a few felt the road did not warrant improvements.

This Jackson County project is one section of a total of six projects that will improve Lee’s Summit Road from U.S. 40 Highway to Colbern Road. From north to south:

MoDOT - the Intersection of U.S. 40 and Lee’s Summit Road;
Jackson County – 48th Terr to Anderson;
Kansas City - Anderson to Lakewood Blvd;
Jackson County - Lakewood Blvd to Gregory Blvd;
Jackson County - the intersection of Gregory and Lee’s Summit Road (completed in 2010); and,
The City of Lee’s Summit - Gregory Blvd. to Colbern Road.
Jackson County Parks & Recreation is also extending the Little Blue Trace Trail which will connect with the Lee’s Summit Road trail.

March 2011 - Jackson County Public Works invites you to attend a Public Hearing to preview and comment on its plans for Improvements to Lee’s Summit Road from US 40 Highway to Anderson Road. Jackson County Public Works is sponsoring the open house-style event, which will be held on March 31, 2011 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Pleasant Grove Bible Church, 4916 Lee’s Summit Road in Kansas City. Representatives from Jackson County and HNTB Corporation will display preliminary plans and answer questions. The project has been allocated federal funds that should cover approximately 80% of construction costs.

September 30, 2010 - Jackson County Public Works held a Stakeholder’s Meeting on September 29, 2010, to preview the suggested design for improvements to Lee’s Summit Road between 40 Highway and Anderson Street. Copies of the design can be found in the "Documents" tab shown below.


County Project No. 3122
Design Consultant HNTB Corp.
Estimated Design Cost $780,372
Project Length 1.4 Miles

Public Hearing Exhibits

March 31, 2011 Stakeholder Meeting Exhbitis:
Concept Design Plan 
Typical Section 
Fact Sheet 
Project Schedule  

Design Manager John McClernon  |  (816) 881-4532


Public Hearing March 31, 2011

Open House

Existing Conditions

Open House




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