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Community Engagement

DART - Drug Abatement Response Team
DART is a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional team created to provide assistance to the community by using all legal means to eliminate illegal drug houses in Jackson County neighborhoods. The team consists of the Kansas City Police Department, the Fire Marshall, Department of Family Services, the Water Department and the Street Narcotics Unit (SNU). > MORE

MyARTS has become a haven for at risk teens from every corner of the city: A place where they can explore and express their creative abilities, identify possibilities for continuing education, and most importantly, dispel the myth that the larger world is forever closed to them. At the heart of MyARTS is the belief that skills equal power and opportunity. > MORE

Neighborhood Prosecution
To reduce violent crime and improve prosecution of crimes, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office has launched the Neighborhood Prosecution program. In this new initiative, the prosecutor’s office works closely with police and community members, focusing resources on the criminals doing the most harm in the community.

Each team of prosecutors, with the assistance of community organizations and the police, canvass the neighborhood, going door-to-door and talking to residents and business owners about ways to keep the community safe. Team members handed out flyers about the new effort, and information on the neighborhood was collected. > MORE




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