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    Perjured Testimony Nets 10-year Prison Term

July 25, 2013

Jackson County Judge Robert Schieber sentenced a 27-year-old woman today to 10 years in prison for providing false testimony in an attempt to help convicted murderer Diamond Blair during his February 2013 trial. 

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker asked the court to sentence Daquetta D. Davis, 27, of Portageville, Mo., to 10-year sentences on each of two counts of perjury related to her testimony in Blair’s trial. 

Davis’ attempt to help a murderer “cuts right at the threads of the (criminal justice) system,” Baker told the court. “Coming into a court of law and lying under oath, deceiving a jury and a judge and attempting to deprive a victim’s family of justice is really the worst kind of crime.” 

Schieber sentenced Davis to 10 years on each county of perjury and ordered the sentences to run concurrently. 

“A criminal trial is a search for the truth and by your actions you have perverted the system,” Schieber said before declaring his sentence. “I felt like a fool for even swearing you in. What’s the point?”

Police questioned Davis the day after her testimony and she admitted that the alibi she gave the court under oath was false, according to court records. She said Blair had asked her for her testimony because he needed a “concrete alibi” to get out of jail. 

Blair was sentenced following his February conviction at trial to two life terms and two 50-year prison terms on four charges – murder, robbery and two counts of Armed Criminal Action – for the 2009 robbery and fatal shooting of Montague Kevin Ashline. Blair was already serving 23 years on a federal conviction.



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