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Kansas City Mayor Sly James
Kansas City Mayor Sly James speaks during the news conference.

'Call-ins' Represent Important Early Step
In New Effort To Reduce Violent Crime

April 18, 2013

Capt. Joseph McHale and County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker  
More than three dozen individuals identified in social networks or groups associated with violent crime in Kansas City appeared Wednesday at the first “call-ins” held by the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA).

Those attending were asked to help the community stop violence and were offered social services to help them.

Capt. Joseph McHale, project manager for KC NoVA, said the call-ins were an important early step in the new effort to reduce violent crime in Kansas City.

“Our goal is to get the message to the streets of Kansas City that violence must stop,” McHale said. “Any new violence will become the focus of KC NoVA.”

On Thursday, KC NoVA also released to the media and public a new KC NoVA video, which was played for the first time at the call-ins.

A new KC NoVA song also was released. Mike B. Rollen, who made the film “Murder Factory”, produced the NoVA video. (See links and download options at end of this statement.)

On Wednesday, three call-in sessions were held at the Mohart Multipurpose Center at 10 a.m, 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Speaking to the individuals called-in:

Police Chief Darryl Forte
Pastor Michael Brooks, 5th District Kansas City Councilman
U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson
ATF Special Agent in Charge Marino Vidoli
Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker
Tim Wolf of Missouri Probation and Parole
Brian Dial of Ad Hoc Group Against Crime
Darren Brown, author and ex-offender
Pat Clarke, community outreach specialist
The Rev. Rodney Williams
Several mothers of homicide victims

KC NoVA is a coalition of key law enforcement, Kansas City leaders and community members aimed at reducing violent crime, especially homicides. Call-ins are an important part of such an effort, known as focused deterrence. At call-ins, individuals attending are delivered three basic messages: Violence cannot be tolerated; Further violence will be met with certain and severe consequences from law enforcement; and we can help those who want the help to change.

Other call-ins will be held throughout 2013 by KC NoVA. In other cities, focused deterrence programs similar to KC NoVA have produced significant reductions in violent crime.



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