June 20, 2009
Lake Fest 2009 Celebrates
Lake Jacomo's 50th Anniversary

Bring your kids, tag along with some friends, and ring in summer at Lake Jacomo with Jackson County's annual family bash, Lake Fest.

This year's Lake Fest is especially festive as we mark the 50th Anniversary of Lake Jacomo. CLICK HERE for all the Lake Fest details (including driving directions). Make it a date to be at Lake Jacomo Saturday, June 20! 

Lake Fest gets started at 5:00 p.m. with an evening that features live entertainment, powerboat rides, a boat parade, lake cruises, games and rides. We'll cap it off with a spectacular fireworks display over the waters of beautiful Lake Jacomo.


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Lake Jacomo 50 Years of Fun

JUNE 12, 2009 -- Jackson County is home to one of the finest and largest county parks systems in America, and  Lake Jacomo is undoubtedly the jewel of Jackson County Parks.

With 970 acres of water and almost 19 miles of shoreline, Lake Jacomo has served two purposes for more than 50 years: recreation -- both on the water and within the park that is home to Lake Jacomo, Fleming Park -- and vital flood protection.

Lake Jacomo officially opened May 30, 1959. About 25,000 people, according to The Kansas City Star , packed the park that day. At one point, more than 450 boats were on the water.


The origins of Lake Jacomo -- "Jacomo" as in "Jackson County, Mo." -- can be traced back to more than a quarter of a century before the May 1959 opening day. In 1932, Harry S. Truman, then Presiding Judge of Jackson County, called for a report to be prepared for a possible park development at what is now the site of Lake Jacomo.

But 20 years would pass before Presiding Judge Harry Fleming pushed the idea forward. In 1953, voters approved -- by better than a 3-to-1 margin -- a $3 million bond issue to develop the lake. Although funds from the County Park Levy were also needed to complete the project, which included land acquisitions, the clearing of trees and dam construction, no state or federal funds were involved.

Lake Jacomo is purely a local creation.


Since Lake Jacomo opened, Jackson County Parks & Recreation has made sure to keep the shine on the jewel.

The number of picnic shelters with views of the lake has doubled, and two marinas have been built. Missouri Town 1855, a living history museum recreating life in a mid-19th Century Missouri village, was constructed in the mid-1960s.

In the 1980s, the 3,400 acre park around Lake Jacomo doubled in size with the opening of Blue Springs Lake, and the park was given its name, Fleming Park, in honor of Presiding Judge Harry Fleming.


Lake Jacomo Sunrise As Jackson County has grown in the half-century since Lake Jacomo opened, the lake has gone from being a rural getaway from the city to a suburban park -- a natural refuge in the midst of the metropolitan region.

Millions of people -- Jackson County residents, their neighbors from throughout the Greater Kansas City region and visitors from other states -- enjoy Lake Jacomo each and every year. The lake is still a great place to cast a line and try to reel in a fish, the public marinas are among the finest in Missouri, and sailors still embrace the challenge posed by Lake Jacomo's tricky winds.

Whether you go to Lake Fest, the big annual celebration, or just enjoy a quiet day with a blanket spread out on the shore, remember to say "thank you" to the two men named Harry -- Truman and Fleming -- who had the foresight to make what has become a wonderful contribution to the quality of life in Jackson County, Missouri.

Lake Jacomo is home to Lake Fest, Jackson County's annual kickoff to summer, featuring fun along the water (games, water balloon contests, rides); on the water (boat rides, a boat parade); and above the water (fireworks). Join the Lake Fest celebration of Lake Jacomo's 50th Anniversary June 20, 2009.



Lake Jacomo and its shoreline are a nature preserve with an abundance of wildlife.


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