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County Urges Full Participation In Census

Why It 'Counts' For You To Be Counted  |  Participating In The Census & Safeguarding Your ID

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Jackson County is urging all local residents to take a few minutes to participate in the 2010 Census. While tabulating American's population every decade is a Constitutionally-mandated federal obligation, County officials understand an accurate count may have significant local ramifications.

"It's important that we have every man, woman and child in Jackson County included in the 2010 Census," County Executive Mike Sanders said. "Our population figures play a role in determing how many representatives Missouri has in Congress and in the amount of federal funding that our area receives for education and other services, as well as for bridges and other essential infrastructure."

Jackson County joined with Kansas City, Missouri, to promote "Census Day In The Loop" on Thursday, March 11, 2010. The County and City encouraged all government agencies in Kansas City -- local, state and federal -- to participate. Among the agencies in the "government loop" agreeing to take part with Kansas City and Jackson County were the Federal Department of Transportation, the United States Court for Western Missouri, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Small Business Administration and the Kansas City, Missouri, School District.

Jackson County and Kansas City each have representatives serving on the Kansas City Complete Count Committee. The committee was formed to promote "complete" participation in the Census and includes representatives from local governmental agencies, faith-based organizations, non-profit groups, school districts and the business community.

Learn more about Why It "Counts" For You To Be Counted and Participating In The Census & Safeguarding Your Identity, including important information about how the Census Bureau collects data. For example, did you know that any e-mail you receive claiming to be collecting data for the Census is bogus?

$15 An Hour Positions
County Stepping Up
To Help Recruit
Census Workers

Jackson County is assisting the Census Bureau in its efforts to recruit workers for the monumental tasking of counting all Americans during the 2010 Census.

The County is providing space for a Census Bureau recruiter, Claudia Toomim, to speak with potential Census workers privately and to conduct testing for Census jobs. Some available positions pay $15 per hour.

Toomim will be in the main floor lobby of the Jackson County Courthouse (415 East 12th Street in downtown Kansas City) every Monday through April 19. Toomim is available to discuss employment possibilities with the Census Bureau. She also has access to the testing area in the Human Resources Department to test potential Census workers "on-the-spot."

CLICK HERE for more information about 2010 Census Jobs.


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