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  Just A Few Cents Per Dollar
Did you know for every tax dollar Jackson County collects, just a few cents goes toward funding County government and the services it provides? Typically, just seven cents -- give or take a penny -- for every dollar the Collection Department collects is put toward the County's General Fund.

Various Taxing Jurisdictions



CLICK HERE to go directly to the Jackson County online property search program to get your personalized breakdown of where the taxes Jackson County collected from you were dispersed.

CLICK HERE for step-by-step instructions regarding the use of this property search program.

Jackson County collects taxes for several different taxing entities, other than the County.

How your taxes are dispersed depends on a few factors, such as the community and school district in which you live. The highest percentage -- generally more than 55% -- of the property tax a person pays is for their local school district.

For example, of the $2,627.36 in 2014 real estate tax on a residence with a market value of $150,000 in the Raytown School District and the City of Kansas City, $455.91 (17.35%) would go to the City, $1,801.20 (68.56%) would go to the school district, and $146.52 (5.58%) would go to the County.

The percentage breakdown of 2014 real estate tax for a $150,000 residence in the City of Lee's Summit and the Blue Springs School District:

  • School District - 66.63%
  • City - 18.26%
  • County - 5.98%

The other entities for which the County collects taxes include but are not limited to libraries, Metropolitan Community Junior College, fire and water districts and various funds, such as the Mental Health Fund, the Missouri Blind Pension and the Handicapped Workshop. 

CLICK HERE for your personalized breakdown of how the property taxes Jackson County collects from you are dispersed.



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