Guardianship Seminar For Families
Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Learn more  about the  duties of a Guardian and Conservator, as well as the tools  available to assist you in meeting the court's expectations. Professionals will be giving presentations in their areas of expertise.

This event will, focus on filing petitions for guardianship, Social Security and disability information, available supports, and more. > MORE


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The authority and obligations of the Public Administrator are created by Missouri Statute, Section 473.430 , RSMo et seq.  At §473.743 the statute sets forth the kind and category of cases and estates which the Public Administrator shall assume, including decedent estates, minors estates and the estates of persons who are disabled and incapacitated. 

The Public Administrator is an officer of the Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri. The Public Administrator presently serves as the representative in nearly 1,200 estates. 

Most of the wards of the Public Administrator are mentally ill, mentally retarded and frail elderly individuals. 


The mission of the Public Administrator’s Office is to comply with the rules and regulations of the Probate Court and Missouri law and to meet the high standards required of a professional fiduciary. As guardian, our statutory duty is to provide for the mental and physical care and treatment of our wards and to ensure their safety. As conservator, our statutory duty is to protect the protectee’s resources and to provide for his or her care and treatment.

The Office of the Public Administrator employs 26 individuals consisting of lawyers, social workers, investigators and financial managers. The office oversees the investment and management of over $26 million in assets. The Department has a total budget of $1,448,279 for fiscal year 2009.  Employees are available on a 24-hour basis to provide consent for emergency medical procedures.

Missouri Revised Statutes

Duty of public administrator to take charge of estates, when...

473.743. It shall be the duty of the public administrator to take into his or her charge and custody the estates of all deceased persons, and the person and estates of all minors, and the estates or person and estate of all incapacitated persons in his or her county, in the following cases:

(1) When a stranger dies intestate in the county without relations, or dies leaving a will, and the personal representative named is absent, or fails to qualify;

(2) When persons die intestate without any known heirs;

(3) When persons unknown die or are found dead in the county;

(4) When money, property, papers or other estate are left in a situation exposed to loss or damage, and no other person administers on the same;

(5) When any estate of any person who dies intestate therein, or elsewhere, is left in the county liable to be injured, wasted or lost, when the intestate does not leave a known husband, widow or heirs in this state;

(6) The persons of all minors under the age of fourteen years, whose parents are dead, and who have no legal guardian or conservator;

(7) The estates of all minors whose parents are dead, or, if living, refuse or neglect to qualify as conservator, or, having qualified have been removed, or are, from any cause, incompetent to act as such conservator, and who have no one authorized by law to take care of and manage their estate;

(8) The estates or person and estate of all disabled or incapacitated persons in his or her county who have no legal guardian or conservator, and no one competent to take charge of such estate, or to act as such guardian or conservator, can be found, or is known to the court having jurisdiction, who will qualify;

(9) Where from any other good cause, the court shall order him to take possession of any estate to prevent its being injured, wasted, purloined or lost;

(10) When moneys are delivered to the public administrator from the county coroner.





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