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The Recorder of Deeds Department is your public library of publicly-recorded documents. Instead of books our electronic and microfilm inventories consist of approximately 10 million documents dating back to the beginning of Jackson County in 1826.

Submitted to us from numerous sources including title companies, lending institutions, law firms, government agencies and the general public, over 90% deal with land related transactions such as real estate deeds, mortgages (called Deeds of Trust in Missouri), assignments, releases and liens. The remaining 10% of recorded documents involve over 90 other types of transactions such as affidavits, agreements, judgments, power of attorney and wills.

You can search our on-line inventory consisting of recorded documents dating back to the early 1960’s and plats dating back to 1826.  All on-line documents are available, free of charge for viewing and printing. Non-digitized documents are available by conducting a microfilm search at either of our recording offices. We hope you find this expanded on-line search capability easy and convenient to use.

Upon entering the search site you will have three choices:

a. Select “Official Public Records” if looking for land related property records or other public related type documents.

b. Select  “Marriage Records” to search marriage applications/licenses.

c. Select “Uniform Commercial Code” if you searching a security interest in personal property or fixtures located in Missouri prior to 2001.

CLICK HERE to enter the search site.  

 Public Records Access/Personal Privacy 

In an attempt to provide both public access but also provide privacy, Jackson County led the State of Missouri in passage of several identity theft laws to reduce the opportunities of identity theft as follows:

Should any social security, bank account or credit card number appear in any record or image, any person may apply to the Recorder of Deeds Department for the redaction of such sensitive, personal, identifying information. (Exception: State or federal tax liens, military separation or discharge papers, and other documents required by law to contain such information.) Any such application shall be made in writing, signed by the applicant, his or her attorney, or legal guardian and shall specifically identify the document or documents containing the sensitive personal identifying information. The application shall be accompanied by a legible copy of each recorded document affected by the application, upon which the sensitive personal identifying information that is to be redacted is highlighted or otherwise indicated. Upon receipt of such an application the Recorder of Deeds Department will redact such viewable information.

Some searches may result in black boxes over redacted information.

For more information on redaction, please CLICK HERE for a copy of the Request for Redaction Form. 

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Certified Copies of the online documents can be purchased in person at either of the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds offices or via mail, by sending a check for the correct fee to either office:

Jackson County Courthouse
Recorder of Deeds
415 E.12th St., Room 104
Kansas City, MO  64106

Historic Truman Courthouse
Recorder of Deeds
112 W. Lexington, Suite 30
Independence, MO  64050 

Jackson County's Plat and Survey archives are now available on DVD and CD. CLICK HERE for more information.  
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