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Marriage Licenses

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Deed Preparation

General Information

How do I add or change names on a deed?

How do I remove the name of deceased owner from a deed?

Common reasons for document rejections

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Document Copies

1. What types of documents are available through Recorder of Deeds Department?

2. How do I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

3. What is the procedure for obtaining a copy of a document?

4. What are the fees for obtaining copies?

5. Is it possible to receive copy by mailing in the request?

6. Can you do a document search for me over the phone?

7. Can you help me complete a records search?

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Marriage Licenses

1. What do I need to get married?

2. Where do I apply for a marriage license?

3. When can I apply for a marriage license?

4. What information is required to obtain a marriage license?

5. How much does a marriage license cost?

6. Is a blood test required for a marriage license?

7. After I apply for the marriage license, how soon can I get married?

8. Can someone at the Recorder of Deeds perform my marriage?

9. Who can perform a wedding ceremony?

10. Is there any special information I need if I am getting married after being divorced?

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Real Estate Filings

1. How much does it cost to file a real estate document?

2. Where do I file the documents?

3. To whom should I make the check payable?

4. Does each document need to be notarized?

5. What is the required information contained in any real estate filing?

6. Can you help me fill out the documents?

7. What is required in filing plats and surveys?

8. What do I do if my original recorded document is lost?

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Uniform Commercial Code

What are the fees for filing an UCC?

Can I call in and do an UCC search over the telephone?

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