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Fee Distribution 

The Marriage License fee is regulated by Missouri State Statues. How is the money distributed? 

$17 goes to the
State of Missouri

  • $15 for Children's Trust Fund
  • $2 for records preservation  

$33 stays with
Jackson County

  • $18 for County General Fund
  • $10 for County Domestic Violence Fund
  • $3 for County Homeless Fund
  • $2 for Recorders Fee

In addition, the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds also provides:

"Certified Copies" of Marriage Licenses for $10

  • A "Certified Copy" is required to change a woman's name for Social Security purposes.
  • Of the $10, $7 goes to the State Children's Trust Fund.
  • $3 goes to the County General Fund.

"Non-Certified Copies" for $2

  • The fee goes to Jackson County's General Fund.



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