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What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a tool that allows you to visually model data and perform location analysis. Instead of trying to figure out how rows of numbers in a spreadsheet or a bar graph relate to the real world, GIS uses maps to graphically show relationships. If you have used Mapquest, Google, or Yahoo to find directions or businesses, then you have used a basic GIS system. For a more in depth explanation you can go to: GIS.com

How Is GIS being used at Jackson County?

Assessment uses GIS maps to locate real property parcels for appraisal functions including but not limited to the valuation of newly platted parcels, split or combined parcels, new construction, additions, remodeled properties, properties damaged by natural disaster and for reassessment purposes. Assessment also utilizes GIS maps while posting properties for sale due to unpaid back taxes, confirming demolished structures and verifying the correct classification of properties.

This past year GIS created an online website where you could search for delinquent tax parcels that were being sold by the county. In the past this information was available through postings in local papers, but to see a picture of the property you had to go down to the courthouse and search through Polaroids taped to the wall.

Public Works
Public Works is in the early stages of using GIS to better track and manage everything from bridges to zoning.

Sheriff's Department
GIS works with the Sheriff to create maps that show an offender's residence and its proximity to local schools, which go into that person's permanent file. We are in the planning stages of creating an online mapping website that will show offender residences across the county.



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