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The Human Resources Department has divided its basic functions into two units:

1) The Employment and Compensation Unit recruits, screens, tests and refers qualified applicants for hire.

2) The Classification and Benefits Unit maintains the job evaluation and classification systems, and coordinates training within the County. Also administers
employee benefits. 


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The employees of Jackson County fill a vast array of positions, but they are all part of one team sharing a common goal--serving the County's citizens. Jackson County is a wonderful place to work!     

Get started on the path to a career with Jackson County right here!  

NOTE: Some positions listed here require testing. You will need to contact Human Resources at (816) 881-3136 to arrange an appointment to take the necessary testing. Review the job postings closely to see if the positions that interest you requires testing. 

Applications remain valid and on file for one year from initiation. Should you upload a resume with your application, we ask that you still complete the application thoroughly. If you have applied within the past year and want to apply for a different position, please call (816) 881-3136 and ask that your application be assigned to a new position. You will be asked to provide your name as well as e-mail address that you had originally provided when completing the application or you can send an e-mail to HR@jacksongov.org with the new position you want to be assigned to. Please inform Human Resources of any change of address or contact number so your information can be updated.

Your application will be forwarded to the hiring department provided you meet the minimum qualifications. Applicants can apply only once for the same position within a three-month time frame.       




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