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Below is a listing of those agencies receiving funding through the County to assist residents of Jackson County through a variety of programs. Included is their contact information, program information and general summary of the agency. The County may also fund these or other agencies through COMBAT or the Housing Resources Commission fund.

Ad Hoc Group Against Crime
3116 Prospect Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64128
(816) 861-5500

Program Funded: 24 Hour Community Services Outreach
Provide 24 hour supportive services and outreach to crime victims, their families and other community organizations, receive tips and submit to appropriate authorities.

General Agency Information: The Ad Hoc group Against Crime serves as a liaison between the community and the criminal justice system. The organization has had a long standing partnership with The Kansas City Police Department working closely with their Missing Persons and Juvenile Units, along with the units that fall under the Violent Crimes Division, to assist in bringing justice to crimes and finding those missed by loved ones. 

AdHoc hosts community forums where justice agencies have the opportunity to respond to community concerns, as well as partners with The Office of Community Complaints (OCC) to serve as a site for individuals to file complaints against police officers they feel have violated KCPD’s code of conduct. 

AdHoc also works closely with The State Division of Youth Services, Family Court, Jackson County Prosecutors Office, Kansas City Crime Commission, COMBAT, individuals and community organizations.

Bishop Sullivan Center
6435 Truman Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64126
(816) 231-0984

Program Funded: Emergency Assistance
Program to provide emergency assistance to as many as 15,000 Jackson County residents over the next year.  Emergency Assistance is defined as support for life’s basic necessities, such as food, rent and utilities (water, heat and lights).  This kind of assistance often keeps families in their homes and thus reduces the incidences in our county.

General Agency Information: Bishop Sullivan Center is one of the largest providers of emergency assistance in the Kansas City area. The mission is to provide basic necessities to people who are unable to do so and to move those who are able to become self-sufficient.   The Bishop Sullivan Center main location is on Truman Road.  Services provided include a food pantry, emergency assistance, services to the indigent elderly and the jobs program.

St. James Place on Troost provides a food pantry, community kitchen, emergency assistance, medicine cabinet, no-interest car loans and the jobs program. 

Black Health Care Coalition
6675 Holmes, Suite 650
Kansas City, Missouri  64131
(816) 444-9600

Program Funded:  Healthy Generations
Assisting with salary costs for administration, staff, advertising and supplies.  The program is a prevention program aimed of teaching behavior modification with a focus on intergeneration work; increase medical homes for vulnerable populations and train lay workers on transferring health literacy principles to their peers.  The following functions are performed for program implementation:

• Preventive Screenings
• Access to Safety Net Care
• Individualized Care Plans
• Case Management
• Access To Medication
• Healthy Lifestyles Class
• Volunteer Training

General Agency Information: The Black Health Care Coalition (BHCC) is a grass-roots organization dedicated to disease prevention and positive health outcomes. The organization continually strives toward health equity for ALL! Health Equity creates equal opportunities for good or improved health and minimizing unfair health outcome trends. BHCC believes that everyone has the right to a fair and equal opportunity to attain his or her full health potential.   

Cabot Westside Clinic
A Division of St. Lukes Health Systems
2121 Summit Street
Kansas City, Missouri  64108
(816) 471-0900

Program Funded: Cabot Medical Program

Cabot is funded to provide comprehensive medical care for indigent patients living in Jackson County.

Medical Services include:
• Infant and child health care, well child examinations, treatment of childhood diseases, lead screenings, TB testing and immunizations.

• Women’s Health: pregnancy testing, family planning/contraceptive services, gynecology, pap smears, screenings for STDs.

• Adult Medicine: Health Screenings, adult immunizations, treatment for acute illnesses (bronchitis, gastroenteritis, treatment of chronic illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure)

• Preventive Care: Screenings for prevention and early detection of illnesses (diabetes and high blood pressure), TB testing, HIV testing and counseling, injury prevention.

General Agency Information: History of Serving Kansas City's Westside, Cabot's tradition of caring for those in need began more  than a century ago. First developed as an 11-bed ward at Saint Luke's Hospital, Cabot evolved into a free summer camp for underprivileged and at-risk infants. Over time, Cabot's services evolved to meet the health care needs of the Westside, an area traditionally home to immigrants of German, Irish, Italian, and Jewish heritage. Today, Cabot's patient base is predominantly Hispanic.  Cabot Westside Health Center provides quality, culturally sensitive, bilingual /Spanish health care.

The Hispanic community is growing faster than any other segment of Kansas City's population. With this growth comes an ever-increasing demand for high-quality, affordable, and bilingual (Spanish and English) health care services. Cabot Westside Health Center works to fulfill this need by providing quality, culturally sensitive, primary health and dental care, and education services to thousands of patients on the Westside, and people from across the Greater Kansas City area, regardless of their ability to pay.

Calvary Community Outreach Network
2940 Holmes Street
Kansas City, Missouri  64109
(816) 531-4683

Program Funded: Fitness/Nutrition Program
Calvary Community Outreach Network is spearheading a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program to prevent obesity in the community for seniors, children, and their families. Calvary will look at the community environment, physical activities of the community members, and the nutritional value of their food purchases. By using the expertise of a Fitness and Nutrition Program Coordinator, the program will challenge the community to eat right and incorporate the proper amount of exercise into their daily routines through:

• Nutrition education including low cost, healthy recipes, and portion control
• Dissemination of nutrition and exercise information
• Cooking Demonstrations
• Exercise instructions
• Scheduled group activities
• Weight monitoring
• Gardening

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Program Coordinators will teach exercises and get participants involved in activities that are both fun and easy to learn.

General Agency Information: The mission of the Calvary Community Outreach Network (CCON) is to improve the quality of life by attending to the spiritual, physical, economic, and social needs of individuals and families through innovative programs and services.  Since its inception as a 501(c)3 in 1994 CCON has promoted wellness throughout the Greater Kansas City Area. 

Cave Springs Association
8701 Gregory Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64133
(816) 547-9679

Program Funded: General Liability Insurance & Salaries
Funding from the County is applied to  basic cost of insurance and salaries in order to assist Cave Springs to pursue and carry out its mission of educating its target audience through familiarizing residents with this diverse nature area.

General Agency Information: Cave Spring is a 36-acre urban nature center and historic area located at 8701 E. Gregory Blvd., Kansas City, MO. The area includes an interpretive center building, picnic area, and scenic walking trails. The easily traveled hiking trails combined with the natural features of a cave and wildlife habitat pond allow many opportunities to pursue ecological studies.

School children and adults visiting Cave Spring are introduced to the ecology of the Kansas City area through natural history and cultural history studies. Volunteers and staff of Cave Spring have developed a series of outdoor education programs that demonstrate Native American and pioneer skills and the historical and present day use of our natural resources.

The Cave Spring Association, a not-for-profit organization, was founded in 1975 to preserve a historic Santa Fe Trail area in its natural state for the public. The organization manages and maintains the William Klein Park and the Art Clark Memorial Nature Center. The area is known collectively as Cave Spring.

Since it's beginnings along the Santa Fe Trail, the Cave Spring area reflects the diversity of our Kansas City cultural and natural history. During the 1840's, covered wagons traveling west passed by the area owned and farmed by the Barnes family. In later years, the property was owned by Solomon Young, the maternal grandfather of Harry S Truman. During the 1930's, the Cave Spring Club offered a respite from the city for golfers and their families. 

Children’s Mercy Hospital
2401 Gillham Road
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
(816) 234-3000

Program Funded: Pediatric Care
Providing a full range of medical services to children at birth through adolescence.  Includes primary, specialty, outpatient, surgery and hospitalization. 

General Agency Information: Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics is a comprehensive pediatric medical center which is the only free-standing children's hospital between St. Louis and Denver. Consistently ranked among the leading children's hospitals in the nation, and first hospital in Missouri or Kansas to receive the prestigious Magnet designation for excellence in patient care from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Providing state-of-the-art care for children from birth to age 18 who come to us from throughout Missouri and Kansas and beyond. In addition to the clinical expertise provided by our pediatric specialists, Children's Mercy is also a leader in providing pediatric medical education to the physicians and nurses of the future and in conducting cutting-edge pediatric medical research to discover the treatments and cures of tomorrow. And Children's Mercy is nationally recognized for our innovation in creating a family-centered environment that is focused on the unique needs of hospitalized children and their families.

Don Bosco Community Center
580 Campbell
Kansas City, Missouri  64106
(816) 421-3160

Program Funded: Senior Center – Client Services Coordination
Client services coordination promotes independent living among seniors, improving their overall health, allowing them to stay in their homes longer and decreasing the need for high-cost residential healthcare services. A coordinator meets with homebound participants twice each year to conduct an in-home assessment of their need for continued meal delivery, the home environment and other basic needs.  Throughout the year, the Coordinator helps them resolve any issues and crises that arise via phone communication. Coordinator also gives information about other services provided by the Don Bosco Family Support Center including emergency assistance such as food, clothing, rent and utilities and mental health services, as well as referrals to other agencies.  The Center works with entities such as KCPL, AARP Volunteer Tax Assistance Service and Truman Behavioral Health to provide assistance.

General Agency Information: In 2013, the Don Bosco Centers will celebrate 73 years of positively impacting people's lives in Kansas City. Over the last seven decades, the Don Bosco Centers has helped empower tens of thousands of individuals and families to achieve independence, to become self-sufficient, to build better lives.
Don Bosco's story starts in the late 1930's with the Italian community in Columbus Park. The residents of this Northeast Kansas City neighborhood wanted a safe place for their children to play and grow. Money and property were donated, and members of the Holy Name Society and the surrounding community all pitched in with their individual talents. They built the Center from the ground up, brick by brick. From the time the cornerstone was laid, the Don Bosco Community Center took one year to build. The organization officially opened its doors on September 8, 1940. Almost immediately, Don Bosco became a focal point in the Columbus Park and Northeast neighborhoods.

In the 1950's, the community began to change. Men who came back from World War II and the Korean War moved their families to the suburbs, and new people from different backgrounds moved into the Columbus Park and Northeast areas, many of whom were displaced Europeans. Don Bosco began offering English classes and other assistance. The 1960's brought more changes. Don Bosco became heavily involved in the Vietnamese Refugee Resettlement Program, which evolved into the agency's Nationalities Center (this Center was transferred to Jewish Vocational Services in 2003). Remnants of the Nationalities Center remained at Don Bosco in the form of the English as a Second Language Center.

In 1974, the Senior Center was created, and in 1990, ground was broken for a dedicated building. Also, 1990 saw the addition of the Counseling and Family Support Centers. Most recently, the Charter High School was established in 2000. Over the decades, Don Bosco continued to offer youth programs through its original Youth Development Center.

After 70 years of evolution, the Don Bosco Community Center is now comprised of six interrelated centers making it a comprehensive social service agency that works to address the daily issues and needs of the residents of Northeast Kansas City.

Guadalupe Centers, Inc.
1015 Avenida Cesar Chavez
Kansas City, Missouri  64108
(816) 421-1015

Program Funded (Program 1): Teenage Pregnancy Program
Program to provide comprehensive and culturally appropriate prevention education, pregnancy care and socially supportive services to pregnant and parenting teens.  Case management is provided throughout pregnancy and for one year after the birth of the baby. Case management services are essential to this young and at-risk population. Additional services include prenatal education, housing assistance, emergency assistance with food/delinquent utilities/infant needs, vocational training, job placement, healthy lifestyles education and advocacy in general. The overall objective of the program is to provide services to pregnant teens that will reduce the many adverse physical and social consequences of teen pregnancy.

Program Funded (Program 2): Youth Recreation Program
Support recreational and youth development programming for the youth in Western Jackson County through the Guadalupe Centers, Inc. Funds from Jackson County will be utilized to support the operation of the youth center/gymnasium and to support recreation and youth development staff for the agency. These staff members would oversee and coach in the organized athletic programs. The leagues include soccer, baseball, football, volleyball and basketball. Funds will assist staff to work with other staff to coordinate and setup social events such as teen nights, dances and overnight lock-ins at the youth center. Also provide summer enrichment camp activities for tweens (age 10-14). The agency runs its youth program in accordance with the youth program standards supported by YouthNet. Following standards all staff and volunteers working with youth must pass criminal/child abuse screenings.

General Agency Information: The mission of the Guadalupe Centers, Inc. is to improve the quality of life for individuals in the Latino communities of greater Kansas City. They  accomplish their  mission by: 1. Providing early childhood, secondary, preparatory and adult educational programs. 2. Facilitating access to health and social services for all ages. 3. Promoting and providing Latino cultural enrichment events. 4. Sponsoring social activities that engage our diverse communities.

Harvesters – The Community Food Network
3801 Topping Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64129
(816) 929-3000

Program Funded: Food Distribution Program
Harvesters' food distribution program combats hunger's negative effects by providing individuals access to adequate and nutritious food during their time of need. Harvesters is requesting support for our food distribution program, which collects and distributes food through Harvesters' network of over 620 charitable organizations. This year, Harvesters plans to distribute at least 36.7 million pounds of food, which translates into over 28 million meals for individuals in need.

Harvesters' food distribution program acquires, transports, sorts, packages, stores, and distributes food and household products through our network to help those in need of food assistance. Because we serve as a centralized food distribution center for the community, Harvesters has the ability to collect large donations from the food industry that other, smaller organizations may be unable to accept.

Collected food is sorted and repackaged by volunteers for distribution to agencies. This is made possible by more than 3,000 volunteer visits to Harvesters every month. Food is then made available to our network of 620 agencies via an online ordering system. Fresh produce, perishable items, and specialty items.   Harvesters is an essential organization in providing a safety net for individuals and families in Kansas City. 

General Agency Information: Harvesters' mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. As this area's only food bank, Harvesters is a clearinghouse for the collection and distribution of food and related household products. We've been helping people in need since 1979.

Jackson County Soil & Water Conservation District
1974 NW Copper Oaks Circle
Blue Springs, Missouri 64015
(816) 228-1836

Program Funded: Natural Resources Conservation
Providing technical assistance for the design and layout of soil conservation structures and practices on Jackson County land. Administer a cost-share program making available $114,000 of state funding for FY-11 to Jackson County landowners for conservation structures and practices.  Present soil conservation education programs for youth and adults at Jackson County Parks and Recreation Kemper Outdoor Education Center and other county venues such as the Fire Prairie Creek Wetland and Rotary Youth Camp. Organize and conduct training on urban erosion and sediment control for developers, contractors and builders in cooperation with Jackson County Public Works. Provide natural resource expertise to the Jackson County Master Plan steering committee.

General Agency Information: Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District is a leader in providing scientifically based technical assistance, and financial resources in a manner that supports rural landowner abilities to implement best management practices enhancing the natural environment while protecting Jackson County’s cultural, social, and economic values.

Kansas City CARE Clinic
3515 Broadway
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 753-5144

Program Funded (Program 1): General Medicine and Dental Program
Provide medical and dental services for the uninsured and the under-insured residents of Jackson County, Missouri.  Medical services include acute and chronic disease care, women’s health physical exams. TB and STD testing. Chiropractic services and occupational/physical therapies. Volunteers provide clinics in nutrition, diabetes management, medication adherence, dermatology, cardiology, optometry, podiatry, pulmonary care, neurology, urology and acupuncture. The dental program provides diagnostic, restorative, emergency and preventative oral health care. Our medical and dental programs are among the first in the nation to offer opt out rapid HIV testing (results I 20 minutes) as a routine part of care per CDC guidelines.

Program Funded (Program 2): AIDS Service Organization (ASO) Collaboration
The KC Free Health Clinic, Good Samaritan Project and SAVE, Inc are partners in the AIDS Service Organization to provide services for HIV positive individuals and those at risk for HIV infection. The clinic serves as the lead agency providing grant administration. The Clinic will provide HIV prevention education, risk reduction tools and testing for individuals at high risk for exposure to HIV/AIDS. Good Samaritan Project will provide HIV/STD risk reduction counseling and HIV testing, peer support and emergency assistance for individuals living with HIV/AIDS who require intensive support and are unable to live on their own.

General Agency Information: The purpose of Kansas City Free Health Clinic is to promote health and wellness by providing quality services, at no charge, to people without access to basic care.

Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation
1308 Pennsylvania Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
(816) 474-4652

Program Funded: Buck O’Neil Negro Leagues Baseball Clincs
Promotion of The Buck O’Neil Baseball Clinc educates participants on the history of the Negro Leagues, provides an experience and a platform to promote baseball in the urban core and inner-city for youth in Jackson County. Two baseball clinics to be held during 2013.

General Agency Information: By promoting Kansas City sports locally and nationally, and by working behind the scenes to attract, retain and facilitate sports events and organizations here, the Kansas City Sports Commission & Foundation is helping our bi-state region realize the economic, social and community-building benefits of sports. As a privately-funded non-profit, we are entirely dependent on your support.

Since its beginning in 1966, the Sports Commission has worked to promote sports and recreation at every level. Since 1990, the organization has helped generate in excess of $750 million in estimated economic impact on the surrounding metropolitan area. The Sports Commission sponsors more than 25 annual events including youth clinics, annual community and membership luncheons and community-sponsored athletic events.

Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee

Program Funded: Parade Security
The funds are intended to be utilized for providing security for the parade. The security will be provided for all participants, but the payment of services will go directly to the KCMO Police Department.

General Agency Information: The Kansas City St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a metro-wide event held annually in Jackson County, Missouri for families to celebrate heritage.  Safety is paramount for occupants and spectators.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade was held on March 17, 2012. It was staged on Broadway and 33rd Street and progressed South on Broadway to 45th Street. Approximately 120 entries and 4,000 participants along with an estimated 200,000 spectators.

Lee’s Summit Social Services
108 SE 4th Street
Lee’s Summit, MO  64063-2728

Program   Funded: Emergency Assistance
Funding to assist the growing number of families who are in danger of becoming homeless through eviction, are in need of food to keep from being hungry or to keep utilities from being shut off.

This program makes sure school children have shoes, clothing and required school supplies to attend school, and gives infant supplies such as formula, baby food, diapers, car seats and other supplies to keep infants healthy. Our goals are to keep a family from being hungry, homeless or in need of basic necessities. We help them set goals and give the assistance that will improve their situation from the point they now find themselves. If their immediate situation seems hopeless to them, we help them focus on work skills, and short term goals.

Our emergency services include food, utility and rent assistance, clothing, household goods, personal supplies, infant items, small home repairs for elderly, medical supplies such as crutches, walkers, wheelchairs when available, prescriptions (we also are partners with the Kansas City Medicine Cabinet for some medical and dental
needs.) We assist with a backpack full of required supplies, new shoes, jeans, shirts, underwear and socks for our Back to School program. We hold a store open, cost free, during the holidays for parents to choose new gifts, clothing and toys for their children. We have a budget counseling service for our clients, and also give referrals when needed, for other sources of help.

General Agency Information: For over 20 years, Lee's Summit Social Services has been helping families and individuals in need in our service area of Lee’s Summit, Lake Lotawana, Greenwood, and Lone Jack. Numerous assists are given daily as the caseload continues to grow due to the country's hard economic times and the population growth in our service area.

Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery
P.O. Box 6575
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64064
(816) 525-9555

Program   Funded: Underwater Recovery
Program provides for the team to recover weapons, evidence, human remains, boats and airplanes for the Jackson County Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies.  Called at times into court to testify for the County Prosecutor. Also provides services to the Jackson County Parks and Recreation for underwater maintenance, recovery operations and removing underwater hazards in county lakes. Training is also offered at times to Jackson County Rangers

General Agency Information: With over 40 Years of Service to the Midwest and Kansas City Metropolitan Area, the Lee's Summit Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team was founded in 1966 to help law enforcement agencies recover drowning victims from area lakes and rivers. Today our all-volunteer team is still growing stronger with professional training, and high tech equipment. Interested in helping? Contact us to become a diver or non-diving volunteer, or to contribute as a community supporter.

Mattie Rhodes Center
1740 Jefferson
Kansas City, MO  64108
(816) 581-5601

Programs Funded: Youth Violence Prevention/Salaries
Program provides funding toward salaries and supplies for youth development staff to deliver recreational and intervention services for 420 low income youth in Western Jackson County. 

The Youth Violence Prevention Project provides recreational and intervention services for 420 low-income youth in Western Jackson County. Funds will be used to support the youth development staff who deliver these direct services. The project includes after school programs, in-school crisis intervention, and preventative outreach. The after school programs provide violence and substance abuse prevention through
academic support, extracurricular activities, constructive resolution practices on de-escalating tension, and a comprehensive system of care.

For younger children, activities improve confidence and anti-bullying ethics, and help in forming more positive bonds with their peers and adults. Activities include collaborative educational art projects, and literacy exercises, such as stories from around the world which have life lessons they discuss about respect, friendship, and conflict resolution.

Secondly, for in-school crisis intervention, staff provide counseling, case management, and other critical supportive services. Students who bully and/or
fight, have anger issues, or other troubled behaviors, receive direct support which helps them gain wellbeing and decrease this violent behavior.

Third, outreach activities and events increase awareness/knowledge about violence prevention, such as neighborhood beautification and youth leadership summits. Funding from the Jackson County Auditor's office would provide critical complementary funds, alongside resources from Kansas City Public Schools, COMBAT, and other funds.

General Agency Information:
Mission - Mattie Rhodes Center enriches the lives of individuals, families and communities in a respectful, multicultural environment.

Vision - To envision a vibrant community where individuals and families are healthy, safe and have the resources to thrive.

Mid America Regional Council
600 Broadway, Suite 200
Kansas City, Missouri 64105
(816) 474-4240

Programs Funded: 6

  • Government Innovations Forum
  • Government Training Institute
  • Hazardous Material Emergency Response
  • Local Appropriations
  • Older Americans Act Match
  • Supplemental Aging Services

General Agency Information: MARC is a nonprofit association of city and county governments and the metropolitan planning organization for the bi-state Kansas City region. Governed by a board of local elected officials, we serve nine counties and 120 cities.

We provide a forum for the region to work together to advance social, economic and environmental progress.
MARC is funded by federal, state and private grants, local contributions and earned income. A major portion of our budget is passed through to local governments and other agencies for programs  and services.

  • Roles in the Greater Kansas City community
  • Leadership
  • Identify regional challenges and act as a problem-solving forum
  • Promote consensus and commitment to regional solutions
  • Educate and engage the public in decision-making processes
  • Planning
  • Coordinate policies that guide progress in the region
  • Develop regional plans for transportation, the environment, emergency response and more
  • Conduct research and provide technical support to local leaders
  • Action
  • Advocate for regional issues at the state and federal levels
  • Provide cooperative services between local governments
  • Allocate resources for regional systems
  • Program Highlights Enhanced Response
  • Caring Communities 
  • Efficient Transportation
  • Healthy Environment
  • Effective Government
  • Manage the regional 9-1-1 system, providing technical, administrative and workforce development services
  • Coordinate the development of interoperable communications systems among local jurisdictions
  • Help the region prepare for and reduce risks from disasters, both natural and man-made
  • Coordinate regional homeland security planning and administer grants that provide equipment, training and exercise support to emergency personnel.
  • Assist public health agencies with public education and preparedness efforts
  • Support emergency medical service agencies and hospitals with coordinated communications and regional plans and protocols.

Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
6400 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, MO  64125

Program Funded: Healthy Businesses-Residents-Community
Program provides event planner funding, bus maintenance, restaurant memberships. 
As part of ongoing wellness education, the Chamber will engage Healthy Business/Healthy Resident Flash Mob Transportation so that residents may engage in the wide array of healthy culinary delights throughout the Northeast Community where immigrants and refugees prepare healthy foods native to their country of origin. 

General Agency Information: The Chamber is the go-to place for Northeast businesses, a clearing house for collaborative problem-solving. It is the gatekeeper and  advocate for plans and projects that generate economic and social vitality for Northeast businesses, institutions and neighborhoods. It is the mentor of tomorrow’s leaders and the guardian of the Northeast’s historic and cultural assets.

Northwest Communities Development Corporation
217 S. Cedar Avenue
P.O. Box 520532
Independence, Missouri 64052
(816) 252-5094

Program Funded: Seniors Program
The Northwest Senior Program offers an array of services to senior citizens in western Independence, including congregate meals, an exercise program, line dancing, monthly health and vision screening, tax preparation and financial consultation as well as educations, cultural and social programs. In addition to specific services, the Senior Program draws older western Independence residents out of their isolation and builds a sense of community and support that is critical to their quality of life.

General Agency Information: The NorthWest Communities Development Corporation is committed to leading and building this community on behalf of its residents.

1 Goal Consultants
5108 S. McCoy
Independence, MO  64055

Program Funded: Ex Felon Help Line
Program provides funding for coordinator assistance, worker phone lines and supplies in order to connect with ex-felons that are returning to Jackson County to locate resources such as transportation, mental health, clothing and registering sex offenders and also help with job placement.

One Good Meal
P.O. Box 2222
Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64063-2919
(816) 547-6394

Program Funded: One Good Meal
Program to assist with meal purchases. One Good Meal serves mid-day meals Monday through Friday to seniors and homebound individuals in Lee's Summit & Greenwood regardless of income. We serve 85-100 meals every day of operation. Because One Good Meal exists, anyone in need can receive a hot, nutritious meal. Hy-Vee supplies the main dish and side dishes at a reduced cost and county funds go to help purchase the Styrofoam containers. Volunteers supply the desserts.

General Agency Information: In 1995, Betty McKnought had the idea to serve the elderly and handicapped in Lee's Summit because the need exceeded the capacity of Meals on Wheels. One Good Meal started with good intentions and five women. Currently there are over 155 people on the list to receive meals with an average of 108 meals served daily. 

Our mission statement clearly defines our job as serving the elderly and handicapped one meal five days a week regardless of income. One Good Meal decided to forego most of the government funding available for organizations like it because the necessary controls restricted menus and clients. One Good Meal has raised funds trough a number of activities over the years, from selling cookbooks to penny drives, from annual fall nut sales to spring garage sales.

Operation Breakthrough, Inc.
3039 Troost Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64109
(816) 756-3511

Program Funded (Program 1): Speech Therapy Program

The purpose of the Speech Therapy program is to provide specialized therapy for children who have been clinically diagnosed with speech and language delays or disorders which range from problems with word articulation to problems using and understanding language.  Speech and language delays often occur in conjunction with sensory processing or other development delays and are sometimes related to fetal drug/alcohol exposure.  Language delays/disorders are exacerbated by literacy-poor home environments where kids do not have adequate exposure to books or adults who will red to them, due in part to family instability and in part to parents low educational levels.

Speech therapy is provided on-site by both staff and contract therapists.  Children receive two 30-minute one-on-one sessions each week; sessions incorporate games, songs, books and education toys to encourage the children’s participation and to teach pre-academic concepts such as colors and numbers to enhance language development and reinforce proper speech and communication skills.  Speech therapists also conduct regular classroom sessions, along with workshops for classroom teachers.

Program Funded (Program 2): Psychiatric Clinic Support

To provide psychiatric evaluation and treatment for children suffering from severe behavioral disorders, neurological disorders, and mental illnesses such as manic depression, pervasive developmental disorder, autism, ADDH, post traumatic stress syndrome, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Evaluation and treatment for these children are provided through telemedicine conferences with the University of Kansas Medical Center’s child psychiatry department.  Through this internet video connection, approximately 20 children are treated each month in weekly conferences with a KU child psychiatrist.  Sessions include the child’s mother/caregiver and a staff therapist who also oversees follow-up treatment, works with parent to establish a home environment conducive to treatment and monitors the prescribed medication plan.

Program Funded (Program 3): Food Assistance/Family Advocate Salary

Operation Breakthrough provides limited food assistance to families through our on-site food pantry, stocked primarily through donations of dry-goods and supplemented by bulk purchases from Harvesters. Operation Breakthrough's case managers (4) work closely with each family to assess needs, monitor access and track services provided

General Agency Information: The mission of Operation Breakthrough is to help children who are living in poverty develop to their fullest potential by providing them a safe, loving and educational environment.

Operation Breakthrough also strives to support and empower the children's families through advocacy, referral services and emergency aid.

Operation Breakthrough is a nationally accredited, not-for-profit corporation that began in 1971 as a response to requests from parents in the central city for quality child care for children of the working poor.

The program began with 50 infants, toddlers and preschoolers at 31st and Paseo. In 1976, it expanded to include before- and after-school care. The Center moved to its current location at 31st and Troost in 1981. Since that time, it has added a broad range of social services to meet the needs of the children and their families. In 2006, Operation Breakthrough completed an expansion and renovation project that doubled the size of the facility and increased its licensed capacity from 353 children to 674.
Operation Breakthrough's initial funding came from the Model Cities Program and a grant from the Hall Family Foundation. Current funding comes from a federal Head Start grant, the State of Missouri, the city of Kansas City, private donations and various foundations.

Palestine Senior Citizen’s Activity Center 
3325 Prospect Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64128
(816) 921-1963

Program Funded: Senior Center
Promotes physical, emotional, social and economic well-being in all aspects of senior’s daily lives.  Offering a comprehensive program to seniors who reside within the Kansas City Community, specifically the Urban Core Area. The current membership is over 100 seniors, ages 55 years and older. Activities are diversified to meet the needs and interest of the members. Nutritional meal service is a core component.  Serving a nutritional meal has become an exceptional challenge as food prices increase.

General Agency Information: A  wonderful place where senior adults can enjoy a good meal at a great price, have safe recreation, attend Bible Study, and become involved and active. Call 816-921-1963 and sign up today.

Redemptorist Center
207 West Linwood
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(816) 931-9942

Program Funded:  Emergency Client Assistance
This program meets the basic needs of individuals facing chronic poverty-the low income, the elderly, the homebound and the homeless-by providing life-sustaining assists and critical multiple components in order to best respond to the ever-changing needs of the individuals and community we serve.

Senior Services: this program includes Saturday meal Delivery to the homebound: Minor Home Repairs; emergency assistance services; free legal counsel; health and wellness screenings.

Legal Assistance:  An attorney specializing in legal needs and issues of the elderly is on staff.

Health Maintenance: A free ongoing program staffed by area health care professional. It provides services to the poor and elderly.

General Agency Information: Founded in 1986 is a non-sectarian 501©3 non-profit agency.  The Center provides a lifeline to the poor and elderly of metropolitan Kansas City; widows left behind in a changing city; the working poor; the sick; the homebound and the homeless; the emotionally and mentally challenged. The mission of the Center is to prevent a temporary crisis from becoming a permanent tragedy.  The Center addresses its mission through the following programs that provide over 1,900 assists each month:

The Center maintains strong alliances with metropolitan utility providers to help resolve client payment issues, and with health care providers who provide vendor discounts to our clients. When a client's financial needs are so overwhelming a single agency cannot meet all of the expenses, the Center partners with other agencies that specialize in a specific area- United Services, Westport Cooperative Services, Literacy Kansas City, the Housing Information Center, etc. This insures that individuals will receive maximum financial and service benefits to help them with their needs.

Samuel Rodgers Community Health Center
825 Euclid Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64124
(816) 474-4920

Program Funded: Health Care For All
Hopes to improve the health of Jackson County residents by: 1) decreasing the effects of chronic diseases’ 2) increasing access to health care by removing barriers and providing preventative health services; and 3) providing breast and cervical cancer education, early detection, and treatment.

In order to improve how medical care is provided to patients with chronic diseases the Health Center must strengthen the provider-patient partnership, educate the patient on their condition and work closely with them to prevent emerging disease co-morbidities and facilitate a consistent, healthy lifestyle. This requires a comprehensive approach to identifying patients with chronic diseases; improving their health through the use of best practice models; training and education in self management techniques; securing community resources; and assisting patients to overcome barriers to care. Our proposed program fosters productive interactions among informed patients who take an active part in their care and providers with resources and expertise.  As the goals are set, they must be measurable, routinely reviewed and incorporated into plans for improvement. Follow-up care must be customized to patient needs and will vary in intensity and methodology in order to ensure continuity of care.  Patients with a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension or hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) will be referred to the health Education as the first step of participating in the program. The health Educator will work with patients to establish self management goals to be monitored at and in between patient appointments.

To remove barriers to care, Care Coordinators will assist new and return patients navigate through the health system and secure the resources patients need to achieve health. They will: 1) respond to general health inquiries; 3) schedule appointments; 4) send reminders; 5) arrange transportation; 6) provide interpretive or translation services as needed; 7) provide residents with a clear explanation of Medicaid and Medicare benefits in their preferred language; and 8) assist them with paperwork.  This process is particularly important for patients that cannot ready, speak or understand English, as state forms are routinely written English.

The Breast Care Coordinator will: 1) inform, educate, and enroll women 25-64 for Mammograms and Well-Women exams; 2) recruit women for mammograms and well-women exams through community resources; 3) assist women with abnormal results find resources and follow-up care to receive further treatment for breast or cervical cancer.

General Agency Information: Your health is important to us, and our qualified, capable staff is ready to guide you through a pathway to wellness. We encourage everyone to get an annual check-up and see a doctor whenever health concerns arise. And we offer a wide range of healthcare services to meet your family's needs. You receive quality, respectful and compassionate healthcare at Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, which has been our standard of care for many generations, from birth through adulthood, since 1968.

Seton Center, Inc.
2816 East 23rd Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64127
(816) 231-3955

Program Funded: Indigent Funds For Jackson County Resident’s Dental Care
A non-profit human services organization located in the urban core. The adult and mentally ill and disabled population simply cannot afford dental insurance or necessary dental care. To answer this need, Seton Center Dental Services opened in 1997. 

The program provides both general dentistry and preventive oral health care.  Services offered include; cleanings, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns and full or partial dentures. The staff sees many adults with advanced periodontal disease and medical complications from chronic infection due in part to overly-induced neglect and at-risk behaviors. Due to the increased number of patients with periodontal disease, Seton has increased the number of days that a dental hygienist is on site.  Another critical need in our community is preventive oral health care for low-income children.

Tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease of childhood and when left untreated, can lead to eating, hearing, speaking and learning problems in children.  Since 2003, Seton has offered free oral screenings and free oral hygiene kits.

General Agency Information: Seton Center is a Catholic sponsored human service agency in Greater Kansas City which helps people break cycles of poverty. Seton Center provides health, social and educational programs to address current community needs and tools to support people in transforming their lives.

Shepherd Center of Kansas City Central
(formerly Westport Cooperative)

5200 Oak Street
Kansas City, MO  64112
(816) 444-1121

Program Funded: Senior Companion Program
Senior Companions are person 55 years of age and older who provide companionship and a variety of social services to elders who live alone as well as respite and support for elders’ caregivers.  Simple meal preparation, personal grooming assistance, social interaction, medication reminders, help with physical and occupational therapy activities and escort to medical appointments are examples of services provided.

A written care plan is developed for each client/companion placement. SCs are expected to serve at least 20 hours per week. To accomplish their work the receive 1) a $2.65 hourly stipend; 2) $1.50 daily meal allowance; 3) reimbursement of transportation expense to and the clients home; 4) 40 hours of pre-placement training, 5) 4 monthly in-service training, 6) annual physical exam and recognition.  Each Senior Companion also receives professional supervision and support.

General Agency Information: Shepherd’s Center Central is a local leader in the regional effort to ensure that all people can age successfully with dignity, security, and respect.

In January 2013, Westport Cooperative Services and Shepherd’s Center Central merged to combine their efforts and become one strong, expanded organization. 
The new organization will continue to provide valuable services  to existing and new clients  through programs that include Meals-on-Wheels, Adventures in Learning, HomeSharing, Senior Companion,Medicare Counseling and more. Although newly merged; 1968, Westport Cooperative Services (WCS) has assisted over 200,000 Kansas Citians in the areas of senior care, education, health care, hunger, housing, childcare, domestic violence and community relations. The mission of Westport Cooperative Services is to encourage and develop cooperative solutions to community needs in the Kansas City Metro area.

Swope Health Services
3801 Blue Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64130
(816) 923-5800

Program Funded (Program 1): New Health Center

Swope Health Services opened a new primary care service site on December 8, 2010 in south Kansas City, an area of the County that has been medically underserved for many years. Our research leading to the funding award identified exactly what we expected to find regarding the health care needs of the population. High rates of chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity are supported by the demographic data. Low birth rates and higher teen pregnancy rates compared to other areas of Jackson County are well documented. As Swope funding support for operations is budgeted we would be most grateful for additional funding to help address the needs addressed above to supplement the physician services and to promote patient preventive care for family planning and/or chronic disease education and patient self management goals.

Chronic disease management:

• part-time/full-time RN to provide chronic disease education, medication management at SHS South and to supplement existing two nurses covering five other clinics

• identification of patient self management goals and planning to achieve improved quality of life and outcomes

• purchase of health education materials and diabetic supplies for the uninsured in particular

• opportunity to provide group education and peer support

• opportunity to provide participation incentives toward achievement of self management goals

Program Funded (Program 2): Low Birth Rate

Part-time/full-time nurse for Title X family planning services management. (We currently have one nurse responsible at Central location where most women's services are done, no title X services at any other Missouri satellite clinics.)

• education and outreach to avoid delays in initiation of prenatal care/decrease missed appointment

• preconception planning/birth spacing education

• teen education on reproductive/sexually transmitted disease issues

• outcomes metrics to have complete prenatal/post partum care and decreased incidence of low birth weight deliveries; birth spacing of at least 15 months following delivery

Program Funded (Program 3): Mental Health Court Diversion

The Mental Health Court Diversion (MHC) Program is a specialized docket for non-violent misdemeanor offenders who are extended an opportunity to participate in court-supervised mental health evaluation in lieu of criminal sanctions. Participants in this program are severely and persistently mentally ill (SPMI), have co-occurring disorders (SPMI and chemical dependency) or have experienced other severe trauma that affects their decision making processes and functioning. The program was established in 2002, and like other mental health courts nationally, was established as a strategy for reducing the number of mentally ill individuals who have contact with the criminal justice system by diverting them to treatment. The MHC operates within Jackson County, exclusively in the Jackson County Circuit Drug Court, Division 50 and Kansas City Municipal Court.

Program Funded (Program 4): Healthcare For The Homeless

Health Care for the Homeless Program provides health screening, primary medical care, mental health, drug and alcohol support services and case management at Swope Health Services Central, and at six community sites in Jackson County where homeless persons congregate. These sites include shelters; drop in centers, transitional shelters and "street" sites, such as Restart Drop In Center and camp sites. The HCH team serves over 3,600 homeless individuals annually. The purpose of HCH is to provide access to health services and improve the health of homeless individuals to assist in their stabilization in an effort to improve access to employment and housing. Funding from Jackson County provides medication for clients who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Medication is crucial to their care in the treatment of chronic health and mental health conditions. It is not an overstatement that for many homeless, resources are a matter of life and death. Providing support to treat primary medical care, mental health, drug and alcohol services and case management saves the taxpayers of Jackson County by preventing acute and chronic illness.

General Agency Information: Swope Health Services, formerly Swope Parkway Health Center, seeks to help develop self-empowered, healthy people in healthy communities by providing primary health care, outreach and behavioral health services throughout the greater Kansas City area. Annually more than 55,000 patients are served through eight clinic and residential treatment locations. More than 90 percent of patients live below the poverty level.

Swope Ridge Geriatric Services
5900 Swope Parkway
Kansas City, Missouri 64130
(816) 333-2700

Program Funded: Long Term Care For Medically Indigent
The program is to provide long term care services for the medically indigent citizens of Jackson County.

Synergy Services
3039 Harrison Street
Kansas City, Missouri
(816) 587-4100

Program Funded: Street Outreach Services/Youth Advocate Position

For 40 years, Synergy Services has provided emergency shelter and quality care for abused, homeless and runaway  youth. While these young people are often a hidden population, every day we see youth forced to the street or to a life of trauma and violence because of family breakdown, poverty, abuse, sexual orientation, substance abuse, educational failures or peer harassment. The Missouri Department of
Secondary Education's (DESE) definition of "homeless" means youth were either "doubled up" (living with other families), in shelter, unsheltered or living in a hotel/motel.  According to the DESE Homeless Census Report, 2011, there were a total of 19,922 students who were homeless in the state of Missouri during the
2010-2011 school year; a 28% increase from the 2009-2010 school year.

During the 2010-2011 school year a total of 3,795 homeless youth were in Synergy's service area with 76% (2,884) from Jackson County. Homelessness among young people continues to be a serious issue, and the economic climate over the past
few  years has exacerbated the severity of this issue, creating a truly dire situation in this country.

In 2011 the Synergy House Emergency Shelter served 466 runaway, homeless and street youth of which 510 Synergy respectfully requests $38,711 to cover the salary and benefits of one SOS Youth Advocate designated on a daily basis the agency's Youth Advocates plan, organize, and provide programming, mentoring, education.

General Agency Information: Synergy Services, Inc. began in 1970 as Synergy House, the only shelter for runaway and homeless youth in western Missouri. Through the years, a series of both serendipitous and strategic mergers expanded the organization’s reach to include young children and women victimized by abuse.
Today, Synergy provides a full continuum of care to assist individuals and families with immediate respite from violence, and services which empower clients to find and choose good options for future safety and success. In addition to our work to treat the effects of violence, we provide supportive services to families in crisis in an effort to prevent violence. Additionally, we focus on community education and social change in an effort to build a safer and more humane society.

Union Station Kansas City, Inc.
30 W. Pershing Road, Suite 850
Kansas City, Missouri  64108
(816) 460-2000

Program Funded: Science City Scholarship

The program "Science City Scholarships" will provide Field Trips and educational experiences for 7,000 under-served students, grades K-12, in the Jackson County School District in 2013. The Field Trips to Science City will engage both students and teachers in a hands-on learning experience in science, technology, engineering and math topics. Pre-visit, on-site and post-visit educational activities will link the
field trip experience to content aligned with Missouri GLE's. In addition, summer programming will engage students upon the topics of chemistry, nutrition and healthy eating habits. This unique educational experience at Science City provides an opportunity to build new world perspectives for students, foster natural curiosity, and encourage play and discovery within a safe environment. Most importantly, the
"Science City Scholarship" program provides students a platform for positive physical, intellectual and emotional outcomes that will contribute to their overall health, vigor, happiness and soundness of body and mind.

In addition to the Field Trips, we plan to deliver an Educational Outreach Show component, in place of past funds utilized for Personal Services. This outreach program will provide 40 science stage shows to an estimated total of 6,000 under-served students (average of 150 per show), grades K-12, in the Jackson
County School District in 2013. Students will gain new facts and perspectives about both health-related and physical sciences in an engaging school assembly show. Educational summaries of the Educational Outreach Shows, with pre-post questions, Missouri Curriculum Standards, and vocabulary terminology will build upon each student's experience. The outcome of these Educational Outreach Shows will again
contribute to the student's overall health, vigor, happiness and soundness of body and mind.

General Agency Information: Named one of the country's 25 best science centers by Parents Magazine, Science City provides over 200,000 visitors annually with an engaging environment ripe for exploration, experimentation and discovery. Science City is a place of wonder, where kids and adults can find something new with each visit. Throw the don't touch mindset out the window. There are no tests and no wrong or right answers, just a chance to explore with freedom and pure imagination. 

United Inner City Services
1101 Euclid
Kansas City, Missouri 64127
(816) 842-5454

Program Funded: Child Development

Educators have long seen a central purpose for art in education.  In fact, many studies have shown that disadvantaged children can advance their development through creative enhancing techniques such as dance or movement, drawing and music and other efforts to incorporate arts into the curriculum.  This not only improves children’s cognitive, social and motor abilities, but also enhances comprehension of language, math, science and history.  According to a study released by the Arts Education Partnership, arts education reaches children who are not otherwise being reached and provides an excellent means to help at risk students excel.  Developed and written by a team of early childhood educators from UMKC, local early childhood specialists, and St. Mark staff, the Connecting with Children© curriculum combines the goals of Head Start and the High/Scope educational approach with the infusion of historical and cultural arts learning.  The curriculum introduces children to the arts while promoting intellectual growth as well as healthy social and emotional development.  In addition, St. mark children are involved in at least four productions throughout the year.

General Agency Information: For 45 years, United Inner City Services has served the 12th Street community with multiservice programs to provide opportunities for families to enhance the quality of their lives and support self sufficiency. Over the years, we have addressed the issues of the urban core including employment, emergency assistance, violence intervention, child and family development, before- and after-school care, summer camp, and housing.

University of Missouri Extension Council Of Jackson County
1106 West Main
Blue Springs, MO  64015
(816) 252-5051

Program Funded: University of Missouri Extension Program 
Funds received from Jackson County provide office operation and general program support for the MU Extension in Jackson County. Examples of programs performed with the support of Jackson County funds are described in the 2009 Annual Report. Programming by MU Extension in Jackson County is strongly oriented toward both Health and Parks and Recreation.  Health related offerings such as the Family Nutrition Education Program, Eating From the Garden (nutrition and gardening for school-age youth) , Kindergarten Farm Food Initiative (nutrition and local foods), Alianzas Bi-National Health Week, Indoor Air Quality, and Faith-Based Emergency Management Training to name a few. In 2010 MU Extension and UMKC began a strategic effort focused on Health Disparity using a Socio-Ecological model to address Self Managed Care for Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes and Asthma. Parks and Recreation oriented programming includes the Master Naturalist program which trains 40 volunteers a year and has more than 100 active Master Naturalists contributing more than 5800 hours of volunteer work in the county, 280 active Master Gardeners, 4-H clubs and afterschool programs. MU Extension also provides programs that impact E County funds provide the direct costs of office rent and expenses, clerical salaries and benefits, telephone service.

General Agency Information: Using science-based knowledge, University of Missouri Extension engages people to understand change, solve problems and make informed decisions. University of Missouri Extension is a partnership of the University of Missouri campuses, Lincoln University, the people of Missouri through county extension councils, and the National Institute for Food and Agriculture of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Whatsoever Community Center
1201 Ewing
Kansas City, Missouri 64126
(816) 231-0227

Program Funded: Healthy Children & Seniors
Services provide a nutritious meal to homebound seniors on a daily basis. Meals are delivered in bulk status form from the caterer to Whatsoever 5 days a week. Staff place bulk food in individual trays (hot and cold food) for drivers. The drivers then deliver the meals to the homebound seniors front door. The drivers also check on the well-being of the seniors which is often the only contact these seniors have on a daily basis. At the time of delivery of the meals the drivers also dispense educational materials for the seniors on topics such as health, legal assistance and difficult weather condition alerts.  

Will provide two nutritious meals and one snack daily for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. A cook prepares the meals and snacks and delivers them to the classrooms where the teachers serve the food to the children. A dental hygienist visits at least once a quarter to teach the children the importance of dental care. Whatsoever has separate state licensed programs for infant/toddlers and pre-schoolers.

General Agency Information: Whatsoever Community Center supports the growth and development of families, by providing a variety of programs for children, youth, and adults to build a solid foundation for life.



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