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Compliance Review Office

Affirmative Action Compliance Review Annual Report Application
Jackson County
Compliance Review Office
Director Tom Wyrsch 
415 E. 12th St., Second Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
(816) 881-3302
(816) 881-3340 Fax

It is the duty of the Compliance Review Office to make sure that Chapter 6 of the Jackson County Code, dealing with Affirmative Action and Contractor Compliance, are followed.

The Office monitors each vendor's employment numbers and affirmative action plans. The Compliance Review Office issues Affirmative Action certificates of compliance before vendors can do business with the County.

The Compliance Office is also responsible for all prevailing wage issues on County-funded projects. Payroll review and on-site visits are done to make sure companies are following all prevailing wage guidelines of the State of Missouri as well as the County Code (Chapter 19). Companies not in compliance can not do business with the County

The Office also assists the Legislature in monitoring outside agencies who receive funding by reviewing the proposed programs. The Office reviews and files reports from the Jackson County Sports Authority on bond disbursements for the renovation of the stadiums at the Jackson County Sports Complex.





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