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Welcome From County Auditor
Gary Panethiere

If I had to sum up the overriding purpose of the County Auditor's Office in just one word, I'd have to say "oversight." We in the County Auditor's Office must truly keep in sight all that the County does, constantly conducting performance and financial audits to gauge effectiveness and efficiency.

To be most effective, ourselves, County Auditors must be independent and objective. The County Auditor's Office falls under no other department within the County, yet has full access to each and every department's records. We report directly to the County Legislature, which has, in Jackson County's multi-branch system of government, the ultimate oversight authority.

Our goal is to conduct audits that enable the County to reduce or recover -- or avoid entirely -- costs, and to alert County officials to potential problems that could undermine the public's trust in County government.

 County Auditor
Mission Statement

To provide independent, objective and meaningful information about county programs and performance, as well as, assurance that county services are provided in the most cost effective and efficient way thus enabling the County Legislature to make informed decisions.  By assuring that government is accountable, responsible and transparent, we improve the quality of life for the citizens of Jackson County.

Our County Charter is our guiding force. Everything we do in all facets of County government must be in line with the County Charter -- just as the federal government must work within the framework of the U.S. Constitution.

Too often, many believe an auditor's sole role is to check the financial records. But there is more to our duties than counting dollars and cents, making sure every penny is accounted for. We also audit programs and departments regarding performance. Are programs getting results?

This Web site also helps serve one of our other duties in the County auditor's office: making the audits we issue public. Furthermore, we want to use this opportunity to give you a chance to communicate with us.

Thank you for visiting our Web site.

Gary Panethiere
Jackson County Auditor
for the County Legislature



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