Pension Plan Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Jackson County Pension Plan Board of Trustess will meet Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. in the Dutch Newman Conference on the second floor of the Jackson County Courthouse, 415 E. 12th Street in Kansas City.


1) Opening and Minutes

Ratification of the Minutes of the Meeting held on May 20, 2010.

2) Ratification of payments from the Trust Fund to participants and beneficiaries: Larry Higginbotham, Phillip Bullocks, Keith Vogts, Ronald Filipowicz, Vickie Carrullo, Beth Stoskopf, Gary Salva and Richard Greeno, Jr.

3) Ratification of payments from the Trust Fund to pension consultants and administrative expenses: to MAPERS for registration fee for pension board training; to Tan-Tar-A Resort for room reservations; to McCloud and Nichols, Inc. for services provided from April 5, 2010 to June 8, 2010; to Arnold, Newbold, Winter & Jackson, P.C. for services provided February 1, 2010 to March 31, 2010, and to Asset Consulting Group for services for the quarter ending June 30, 2010.

4) Investment Report -  Asset Consulting Group

• ASAP Review
• Fixed Income – Core Plus Manager Search
• Scout Small Cap Strategy/Management Change
• Brown Investment Advisory Update
• Modrian International Small Cap Update

5) New Business

• Operational Expense Report – July 2009 – June 18, 2010

6) Unfinished Business

• Claims Procedure and Hearing Policy Approved
• Cost of Retiree COLA – July 1, 2011

7) Adjournment

Members of the Pension Plan Administration Committee

Joseph Weinrich, Chair
Frederick R. Siems, Vice Chair
Forrest Bertsch
Howie Krueger  
Mike Martin
Gary Panethiere
Linda Steele
Patrick Sterner
Q.Troy Thomas
Louie Wright