Drug Commission 

County Executive Mike Sanders announced these appointments to the Jackson County Drug Commission October 27, 2008. The commission will over see the Community Backed Anti-Drug Sales Tax COMBAT program.

"These appointments today are steps in the long process of a new direction for how COMBAT operates," Sanders said. "There is no question that the work of COMBAT is necessary and vital to our community. With these and other appropriate changes suggested by citizens through last year's COMBAT Review Commission, we will continue to improve and move COMBAT in the right direction for years to come."


Alvin Brooks, Chair   Former Kansas City Mayor Pro Tem & Councilperson; Community Leader
At-Large Substance Abuse Professional Member

Vanessa Maxwell-Lopez    Vanessa Maxell-Lopez is an attorney with an emphasis working with low-income and indigent defendants.
 District 6 Member 
 Term Expires December 31, 2009 

Tony Miller   Tony Miller is an attorney with Toppito & Miller, LLC
 At-Large Legal
 Professional Member 
 Term Expires December 31, 2011 

Pam "PJ" Petrillo   Pam "PJ" Petrillo recently retired as Executive Director of Emergency Services for Blue Springs School District.
 District 5 Member 
 Term Expires December 31, 2009 

Albert Riederer    Albert Rieder is former Jackson County Prosecutor and a judge.
 District 1 Member
 Term Expires December 31, 2012 

Anita Russell   Anita Russell is President of the Kansas City, Missouri, NAACP Branch
 District 2 Member
 Term Expires December 31, 2011

Dr. Joe Spalitto   Dr. Joe Spalitto is a dentist and assistant professor at both the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry and Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience.
 At-large Public Health/
 Health Care Professional Member
 Term Expires December 31, 2009 

Colin Stoner   Colin Stoner is General Counsel for MLU Services, Inc..
 District 3 Member
 Term Expires December 31, 2011 

Scott Taylor    Scott Taylor is an attorney with Miller & Company P.C.
 District 4 Member
 Term Expires December 31, 2012