To establish rules, and to interpret and administer the County's pension plan.


  • An 11-member board established under the County pension plan.

  • Chief Administrative Officer

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Nine members appointed by the County Executive, subject to the approval of the County Legislature:

> One active member of the plan employed by the Circuit Court

> One active member of the plan from the bargaining unit within the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney and with which the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney has a valid Memorandum of Understanding, whose initial term will be no more than two years and any and all subsequent terms for the initial appointee or his successor shall be for no more than four years of the term of the Memorandum of Understanding, whichever is less.

> Two other active Members of the Plan, but not more than one from any one department.

> Four independent business executives with special consideration to be given to those with investment experience.

> One labor leader or union representative affiliated with a labor organization or union with which the Employer has a current Memorandum of Understanding.

Mary Lou Brown Chief Administrative Officer

Dennis Dumovich

Human Resources Director
Jeffrey Eisenbeis Active Member Circuit Court - Deputy Court Administrator/Family Court
Gary Panethiere Active Member - Legislative Auditor
Linda Steele Active Member Office of the Prosecuting Attorney
- Deputy Director of Family Support
Robbie Makinen Active Member - Director of Government Relations
Claire West-Scoville Grain Valley Governmental Pension Consultant
Michael Martin Independent Business Executive
W. Patrick Sterner Independent Business Executive
Angelo Mancini    Independent Business Executive
Patrick "Duke" A. Dujakovich Labor - AFL-CIO



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