Jackson County Crews Work Around
The Clock To Clear Snow Off The Roads
County Citizen Sings Praises: 'I appreciate planning, competence and dedication'

A Jackson County plow clears the snow after February 1 blizzard.

FEBRUARY 7, 2011 -- Strong gusts, exceeding more than 40 miles per hour, whipped up a foot of snow blanketing the Greater Kansas City area Tuesday, February 1 and sent wind chills plunging below zero.

Most people sought shelter, getting inside -- out of the bitter cold and away from all that snow -- during and in the wake of this blizzard. However, crews from the Jackson County Public Works Department had to do just the opposite. They headed outdoors, first to prep for the storm and then to clear the roads. They logged a total of 2,980 work hours from midnight Monday, January 31 through midnight Friday, February 4. All of this effort helped to make the roads of Jackson County as safe as possible to navigate.

In addition to using plows, County crews disbursed more than 1,455 tons of product -- several mixtures of sand, salt and Clearlane, a chemical deicer that works very effectively in low temperatures -- on the roads.

"I commend the job our Public Works Department did under these extreme conditions," said County Executive Mike Sanders. "The citizens of Jackson County depend on our Public Works Department to respond when inclement weather strikes. Our crews didn't let those citizens down. They had a difficult job to do, and they got it done."

Citizen Praises County Crews

The County Executive wasn't the only one impressed.

One Jackson County resident, a former Navy Civil Engineer, praised the County's response to the February 1 blizzard in this message:  

Please accept my appreciation for a great job in clearing our subdivision (Highlands Ranch), not only during this last storm but all previous snowfalls. As a former Public Works officer in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, I appreciate planning, competence and dedication as your crews have demonstrated since our move to Jackson County some four years ago. I can say without hesitation, that we never have had better or for that matter equal service in our three former Johnson County, Kansas, municipalities.

Bravo Zulu! Well Done!

In accordance with Jackson County's Snow & Ice Control Plan, the Public Works Department starts the process of clearing roads in the unincorporated areas at the first sign of a winter storm. Crews normally work in two shifts -- day and night -- so that work can be done around the clock as needed.

The most heavily traveled roads are the first to be cleared. Other guidelines for snowplow crews include:

Truck/plow operators are regularly assigned to the same vehicle and area, so they can be familiar with both the equipment they use and the roads they are working to clear.

Operators check their equipment about every 90 minutes to ensure it is functioning properly.

Operators maintain regular routes, starting and ending at designated points.

Operators always plow to the right.

CLICK HERE for the Snow & Ice Control Plan in its entirety. 


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